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Domestic staff training course

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Domestic staff training course

Staff training course for all the skills you need

Impressively, Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy are soon celebrating 20 years in the Private Service industry. Noteworthy is that we have become experts in teaching the “Relationship of Service.” Needless to say, we teach you or your staff how to identify and meet the Service Standards expected of a Principal. In fact, we have turned service into a highly valued asset, where “service” is the product. Moreover, we have learned that Service Professionals must be positioned to be successful. With this in mind, our Private Staff Training is customised in content to serve your individualised need.

See a picture gallery from last summer’s Real Downton Abbey Training.

Of course, we all know that excellent hotel service is hard to find these days and to ensure total guest satisfaction for the upmarket clientele, you need to offer them a unique service. Needless to say, your management/head butler must be the best of the best and this sets the tone for the entire hotel. Finally, our Butler department set up help Company has excellent references from previous training courses from hotels all across the globe.

Our courses are developed to teach your staff to be:

  • first of all, connected
  • secondly, committed
  • obviously, great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • systematic.
  • importantly, consistent.
  • last but not least, able to get enjoyment out of service.

Our training teaches emotional intelligence

Obviously, we cannot stress the importance of Emotionally Intelligent and Spirited Staff and to get a perfect service team you need staff with training, understanding and common sense. Therefore, all service staff must have emotional intelligence and this means intuitive people sense, empathy, and genuineness.

Service training example topics:

  • Importantly, Service Etiquette and Protocol
  • Tea and Coffee Specialties
  • Entertainment and Event Planning
  • The Formal Dinner
  • Table Settings and Service Styles
  • Silver Polishing and Care
  • Culinary Meal Planning
  • Of course, Pairing of Food and Wine
  • Aperitifs, Digestifs and Cigars
  • Finally, Wine Cellar Management

Housekeeping and house management sample modules:

  • Housekeeping Techniques
  • Care of Fine Linens
  • Of course, Laundry and Closet Organisation
  • Ironing and Steaming obviously
  • Care of Fine Art, Antiques and Carpets
  • Flower Arranging
  • Management of Vendors, Grounds and Property
  • Car Care, Etiquette and Detailing
  • Last but not least, Security and Security ProtocolsEstate management training course – Be the best you can be with us
Estate management training course – Be the best you can be with us

Why our Domestic staff training course?

We offer training in everything you need to know to be the best Domestic staff around. For prices that are affordable and with flexible payment terms, you can be safe. Also, students will be assessed on the course. Of course, everyone will get an attendance certificate at the end of the course. Moreover, we stay in touch and offer after care support where we answer questions and provide guidance.

Our Domestic staff training course run:

  • All year around.
  • Uniquely, our teachers travel to you or your work place.
  • Individual courses offered.
    House management butler training

Can you find me a job after I finish my Domestic staff training course?

Sometimes we are able to place good students. Because we are a London based domestic staff agency, this may be possible. We have clients all over the world who are sometimes looking for graduates from us.Sara Vestin Rahmani – our owner who made it possible

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