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Silver service waiter course – Book now!

Book your space on our Silver service waiter course today! Become a silver service pro! Contact us for silver service training on +442032900142 or

Join the Elite today!
Join the Elite today!

Why book a Silver service waiter course?

  • First of all, we make our courses readily available for everyone to book.
  • As a waiter, crew, stew or domestic staff, your skills prove how successful you are.
  • Similarly, the service experience determines the guest’s dining experience.
  • We give you the tips and skills you need to offer the guest a memorable experience.
  • Our certification is a great investment in your career.
  • Your employability will increase overnight indeed.

    Who is it for?

  • First of all, this ‘hands on’ training is ideal for anyone wishing to gain the skill of silver service.
  • Moreover, we know that employers hiring service staff, seek the skill set of silver service trained people.
  • Also, we offer courses for every person and every business and we welcome interest from people and businesses alike.
    Silver service waiter course – Book now!
    Silver service waiter course – Book now!

What is Silver Service?

Notably, Silver Service originates from the manors and country houses of the British middle and upper classes of the 17th and 18th centuries. For example, the house waiting staff would serve meals. However, it was common practice that these staff would be permitted to have Sunday evenings off work. As a result, this would leave the Sunday evening food service to the house butler.

Sunday evening meals would often consist of left over meats and vegetables from a large Sunday lunch. Consequently, the butler would carry these leftover foods on a SILVER platter. similarly, he would go from guest to guest and SERVE them directly from the platter to their plates. Hence the term silver service.

Despite the strict traditional rules of silver service, in the present day, silver service has come to have a more general meaning. As a matter of fact, it is now used to describe high standards of service and thus, not simply the serving of guests from a silver platter.

Our Teaching style

Our In spite of the strict traditional service style, our silver service waiter course also teach you the new style of service. In conclusion, after completing the course, you will have what it takes to deliver excellent standards of service.


As a result of analysis and quality controls, carried out by us, we have all materials approved and certified. Furthermore, the course is developed by Elite professionals for professionals. As a matter of fact, our silver service certification is part of our famous Butler Diploma course. However, it but stands out as its own certification. In the same way as with the Butler training, upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to you.


The training is conveniently located in a 5 star Elite venue. Our base is in London and also in Antibes. Our training is therefore easy to find, consequently.

Snap of the modules:
  • Table Setting
  • Greeting Guests
  • Service Etiquette
  • Silver Service
  • Sales Techniques
  • Taking the Order
  • Plate Service
  • Serviette Folding
  • Customer Relations
  • Serving the V VIP
  • Much more

When you call us, our staff will give you more information about the training as well as help you with the booking: +442032900142 or 

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