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Butler Schools London UK

In brief, call the best of the Butler schools London UK today on: +442032900142 or email info@bespokebureau.com.Butler schools London UK

Needless to say, if you are looking to find Butler schools London then look no further. Impressively, we offer Elite training globally. Of course, with our famous butler school you will become a Butler in no time. Needless to say, we are considered the best of Butler Schools London UK. Moreover, we deliver courses all year around. Also, our teachers come to you or your work place which is an unusual service.

Our owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani speaks about the training in a BBC article.

The Butler school London also have a placement service for butlers

Interestingly, we are also a placement agency for butlers. As a result, we can help you find work fast after you graduate. Needless to say, we find work for Butlers across the globe.

The best butler trainers belong at the Best Butler Schools London UK

Of course, our London based Butler school is run by a team of highly experienced Butler teachers. Needless to say, they will teach you all you need to become a traditional butler with a modern twist.

At our butler schools London we teach:

  • First of all, silver service
  • Secondly, formal dining
  • Thirdly, drink service
  • Of course, napkin folding and other finishing touches
  • House management and housekeeping
  • Of course, wine service
  • Valeting
  • Wardrobe management
  • Much much more

Learn more about the training rolled out by us and our owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani

Why us?

Obviously, we have a reputation of being one of the Best Butler Schools London. Also, we are also a famous domestic staff placement agency, which means that we can find work for you.  Last but not least, You can rest assured that the Butler school we offer is the best in the world.

How can I book onto one of the Butler schools London?

You call or on +442032900142 or email us on info@bespokebureau.com. We will help guide you to the best course available.

You may only need one short Butler training for high paid jobs if you are very good.

Kind regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142


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