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Of course, in order to maintain and retain our clientele and reputation, we have very high standards. Obviously, our candidates are selected carefully. Based in Central London, Bespoke Bureau has a database of over 2000 available household staff. In fact, we never advertise. Similarly, we source our candidates primarily through referral.

Why choose us?

Needless to say, Bespoke Bureau makes sourcing ideal domestic staff easy. In fact, as a leading agency, we can offer our clients the following benefits:

  • A multilingual variety of candidates – We offer housekeepers from across the globe, including England, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, France and also Arabic speakers.
  • Specialist vetting procedures – As mentioned above, we have high expectations. This means that we demand a superior standard of work. In fact, a Bespoke Bureau housekeeper must show excellent presentation and discretion. Therefore, all candidates are required to undergo thorough and detailed checks.
  • Tailored to your needs. We provide a candidate selection specific to your hours and skill requirements.

What might be expected when you hire a daily Housekeeper vs a live in housekeeper?

  • Daily housekeeping candidates earn £12 to £15 net per hour net and expect to work between 3 to 10 hours per day.
  • Of course, a housekeeper may live in your home. Typically, the rate is then from 500GBP net per week and up. If so, the working hours are usually 9-10 hours a day with breaks in-between of course.
  • Obviously, a benefit of having a live in housekeeper is that they can care for your home when you are travelling. Of course, there are other obvious benefits too of having someone living in your home. For example, the live in housekeeper will get started faster in the morning. Moreover, you will get to know them faster.

Housekeeper experience and duties:

Needless to say, our Housekeepers have housekeeping experience with verbal references available.

Housekeeping duties include:

  1. cooking for a family or dinner party
  2. laundry
  3. ironing
  4. cleaning silverware
  5. bathrooms
  6. vacuum
  7. mending
  8. shopping
  9. errands
  10. meeting tradesmen and collecting deliveries.

Example job spec when looking to hire a daily housekeeper

In essence the role can be summarised as follows:

  • Job based in central London with European business family
  • Working Monday to Friday with very occasional weekend work during busy periods
  • Duties are: cleaning, cooking, service of meals and babysitting
  • Other staff are also in place


  • Candidates must be very good and detail orientated housekeepers.
  • Candidates must be happy and confident to serve at table
  • The housekeeper roster requires 40 hours per week


18+ GBP per hour net

Part time daily housekeepers will expect a higher hourly rate

Our experienced consultants

Interestingly, our consultants have not only worked in the industry we serve. Also, they have worked in the Human Resource Industry before. Impressively, their experience comes the valuable understanding of the unique requirements needed for this job. For example, they are experts in sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking credentials. As mentioned before, the majority of our recommendations come by word-of-mouth and offer testament to our proven success in making good placements.

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