Domestic Agency UK

Domestic Agency UK

First of all, the best Domestic agency UK offers staff for Private Households. Therefore, if you want household staff in the UK, look no further.

Needless to say, high profile and VIP clients need the best household staff available. Of course, Bespoke Bureau is considered an Elite Agency. We can and will help you find what you need today so call: +442032900142 or email:

Canapés and punch served by our butler students – Domestic Agency UK
Canapés and punch served by our butler students – Domestic Agency UK

The household staff we have available are:

  • First of all, butlers
  • Secondly, House Managers.
  • Thirdly, Estate Managers.
  • Also, Domestic Couples.
  • Of course, Housekeepers.
  • Private Chefs & Cooks.
  • Also, Valets & Ladies Maids.
  • Personal Assistants (PAs) for private households.
  • Chauffeurs
  • Nannies & Tutors
  • Carers
  • Finally, Laundry Maids
    Domestic Agency UK – Sara Vestin Rahmani and Lucy head the office

Our staff agency services are available in London and across the globe. We have candidates all year around.

We place staff in London:

  • High Street Kensington.
  • South Kensington.
  • Belgravia.
  • Mayfair.
  • Westminster.
  • Victoria.
  • Hampstead.
  • Knightsbridge and many more areas.

Domestic agency UK also covers:

  1. Weybridge.
  2. West Sussex.
  3. East Sussex.
  4. Surrey.
  5. Hampshire.
  6. Berkshire ( Ascot ).
  7. Harrogate.
  8. Cambridge.
  9. Yorkshire.
  10. Essex.

Overseas locations for Domestic agency UK jobs:

  • Russia (Moscow, St-Petersburg)
  • Ukraine (Kiev)
  • Kazakhstan
  • USA ( New York, St Francisco)
  • UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi )
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Jordan
  • Switzerland (Basel, Geneva)
  • France (Paris, South of France)
  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany and more

What to consider when hiring:

Make sure to use a reputable agency such as ours. You will then get a selection of the best domestic staff in London. From a reputable agency, you will find a good level of domestic staff.

Our candidates:

Bespoke Bureau has alot of top candidates. Of course, they are qualified and experienced in housework, ironing, driving, cooking and more. Also, they will often be expected to have sole responsibility of the house, do security, childcare or whatever else you need.

Domestic Couples are one type of staff we recruit for

Interestingly, domestic couples are much sought after. Some duties they perform are:

  • Driving.
  • Cooking.
  • Baby sitting.
  • Service.
  • Housekeeping.
  • DIY and other things.

Obviously, a good agency like ours will have vetted suitable candidates. Moreover, we check the credentials and will help you find the most suitable person to meet your needs.

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Last but not least, we would love to hear from you so call our domestic staff agency on: +442032900142 or email

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