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Bespoke Bureau Filipino Domestic Staff London

In fact, Bespoke Bureau is a bit of a Filipino community in London with our 400+ Filipino domestic staff. Uniquely, we pride ourselves on making every applicant feel like family. Our strict, unparalleled and personalized hiring process is one of a kind. Similarly, we are dedicated to delivering a first class, quality service to clients and families in London. Of course, all our candidates have passed a thorough application and interview process. Moreover, they meet specific criteria before we even put them into our system of highly qualified candidates. Last but not least, our team will provide the personal service, the understanding and the care that you need.

Duties to expect from a Filipino housekeeper

Predominantly, we place Filipino housekeepers. Impressively, these ladies (and gents), can provide the following services:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Dusting
  3. Organising
  4. Vaccuming
  5. Laundry
  6. Ironing
  7. Steaming
  8. Flower arranging
  9. Serving
  10. Finishing touches
  11. Making beds
  12. Errands
  13. Much much more

For Employers of Domestic Staff

First of all, we place skilled and dedicated Filipino helpers in homes where they are valued and can make a difference. As a matter of fact, we go above and beyond to do it. Our staffing agency headquarter is based in Central London, the home to immigrants from all over the globe. Our deep knowledge in this field have made us the go-to resource for families looking for help. Help that are hard working, caring, dedicated, loving, family oriented, honest, and motivated. Like our beloved Filipino domestic staff.

Available Domestic Staff from the Philippines

Impressively, we have an exclusive list of well experienced, honest and skilled Filipino household workers looking for jobs. Whether it’s a housekeeper, nanny, caregiver, companionship, senior care, household worker, or other, we got you covered.

Why Bespoke Bureau for Filipino Staff?

First of all, our strict, unparalleled and personalized hiring process is one of a kind. Secondly, we get to know your family’s requirements by speaking to you. Thirdly, we then search for the perfect candidates match based on what you tell us. Moreover, all our  Filipino household worker applicants have passed a thorough application and interview process.

  1. Exclusive database of high quality candidates

  2. Fluent in speaking English

  3. Impressively, competitive rates in the market

  4. Also, our candidates has extensive experiences and verified references

  5. Above average candidate screening

  6. Face-to-face interview

  7. Of course, background checks

  8. COVID-19 vaccine or test

  9. Past References Verification

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