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If you, like many other people, are looking to find maid London, then look no further.  Our specialist maid agency in London has  people available all year around. For example, we specialise in placing Filipino maids. Interestingly, we have maids who can work permanently or temporarily. Of course, they are all:

  1. experienced
  2. flexible
  3. hard working
  4. loyal
  5. willing
  6. committed.
  7. reference checked

In fact, all maids registering with us have to have at least 5 years previous work experience. Moreover, many of them are trained at our housekeeper training school. Finally, they are well presented, serious about their work an hygienic.

Maid London

Find Maid London with our long standing housekeeper agency

Impressively, we have been active for over 20 years (since 2003). So if you are looking for a housekeeper, thank you for taking a look at The Bespoke Bureau’s options first. First of all, we always have many exceptional candidates ready to fill this important position in your home. Of course, we welcome you to take a look what we have to offer, and to discuss your needs with us on the phone or in person. Needless to say, we think you’re going to like what we can do for you. At least as far as staffing your home or estate with excellent domestic help from Housekeeper to Estate Manager, and every position in-between.

What quality housekeeper can I expect?

First of all, every housekeeper from The Bespoke Bureau has at least 5 years of experience, with good references, and has been pre-screened for qualifications, ability, and suitable personality for you. As a result, you can’t really go wrong when you hire your domestic staff from us.

Impressively, we offer

  1. Filipina housekeepers
  2. British housekeepers
  3. South American housekeepers
  4. Russian housekeepers
  5. And of course many more nationalities as per your request.

Live in housekeeper London

Why find a maid London?

Obviously, many people may consider housekeeper service in London a luxury, but in almost every affluent home, housekeepers have become more of a necessity. Not only is cleaning a large home a full-time job, but an affluent home or estate owner has better things to do with their time than sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry.

Although cleaning, dusting, and polishing tasks are not glamorous, they are necessary. Of course, when a professional does the cleaning and housekeeping for you, your house or estate becomes a beautiful, bright and enjoyable. Moreover, your home will be like your personal palace fit for today’s affluent family without taking up the greater part of your day.


With so much to do in London, and so many business opportunities to take advantage of, having a maid will give you the time to enjoy more of what you deserve. We believe you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you deserve to have a live in maid in your home. Don’t you agree?

Why find maid London from an agency?

Well, aside from a direct referral from a trusted friend, which would be very difficult to come by, a referral from a trusted agency is the best way to find maid London. The Bespoke Bureau Agency will provide you with a complete Agency Agreement. Moreover, this document clearly states conditions and expectations and a 12-month replacement policy on all long-term placements. Uniquely, we are the only housekeeper hire business in the UK that offers such a long back up period for free.

Candidates available for hire all year

For both live in and daily maids in London and elsewhere, we have several excellent candidates ready to start as soon as you are ready. Needless to say, we will be happy to discuss all the details, send you resumes and arrange interviews and trials with our excellent agency housekeeper candidates.

Summary of why we are the best

When you’re looking for full-time maid in London or elsewhere, let us help you find the perfect match for your family. Of course, we take care of all the training, pre-screening, contracts and after care and support. Uniquely, we provide a replacement policy that’s almost unheard of in a domestic staffing agency of 12 months. Finally, when you’re looking to hire, there’s no need to look further than The Bespoke Bureau agency.

Sara Vestin Rahmani outside one of her agencies and academies

How to find maid London with Bespoke Bureau?

Interestingly, its as easy as one two three to find a maid with Sara Vestin Rahmani and her maid agency. First of all, register with the maid agency today by phone or email. Shortly thereafter, we will send you the agency’s best available of 3-4 top maids looking for new positions in London. Of course, maids in London sometimes charge more than other maids. However, we try and keep the rates reasonable for our clients. Importantly therefore, you should use a maid agency in London such as the bespoke bureau.

So how much does it cost to find maid London?

Interestingly, a full time daily maid in London can cost from 700 pounds per week net approximately. Furthermore, a live in housekeeper starts at around 650net per week. Also, if you want a maid in London with amazing cooking skills, then she (or he) may be likely to cost you more. Of course, standard maids with top cleaning skills charge a standard rate. Sara Vestin Rahmani recommends you figure out what you need before you hire a maid and of course, we can help you with this aspect too.

What’s a head housekeeper or executive maid?

Let us explain. Well, first of all, an executive maid is a live in or daily housekeeper who is in charge of other maids in your home. Interestingly, this person is often responsible for hiring maids. Furthermore, she will have and an interest in hiring the best people, as they will be responsible for the quality of cleaning in your home. Of course, if you’re in need of an executive maid in London or elsewhere, our agency has qualified candidates ready to be interviewed, and will be happy to assist you in filling your position.

Of course, our  placement agency places maids of all ranges and for all price levels in London and also outside. Also, if you have a large household that needs to be fully staffed and you wish to employ many maids, we can help. In such instances, we suggest you hire a head or executive maid for your home first. Following that, with her help, you would hire a number of standard maids for your laundry, washing, cleaning, serving and so on.

Maids with varied skills

Obviously, we have a large selection of live in maids in London with varied skills. These include those who can drive, baby sit, do nanny duties and much much more. However, you may wish to hire a maid from the Philippines or a Portuguese housekeeper who can often not drive, and in such an instance, we can also help you.

We will find you the best housekeepers available. We recruit housekeepers for:

  1. households.
  2. hotels.
  3. palaces.
  4. private members clubs.
  5. 5 Star hotels

Find a maid– how?

Finally, whatever type of maid you wish to find for your private home, we can help. Last but not least, give us a ring today on +442032900142 or email us on Needless to say, we can then have an in depth chat about the help you need.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome!

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