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Hire household staff UK with Bespoke Bureau

In brief, to hire household staff UK with Bespoke Bureau, call our domestic staff agency today on: +442032900142 or info@bespokebureau.com

Needless to say, to hire household staff can be a complex process. For sure, you want to hire people who are reliable, trustworthy, and competent. Of course, you want to retain employees who prove their value. Importantly, to maximize your chances of finding and keeping stellar employees, we offer some important considerations and information below.

Whatever type of staff you need to hire

Needless to say, whether you need a baby nanny, a private chef, or multiple household staff members for a ranch or large estate, your first decision is whether to use an agency or fill the position on your own.

Impressively, we specialise in the recruitment of household staff internationally including:

  1. First of all, House/Estate Managers
  2. Secondly, Butlers
  3. Thirdly, House men
  4. Moreover, Chauffeurs
  5. Also, Carers
  6. Obviously, Housekeepers
  7. Chefs
  8. Needless to say, Nannies
  9. Maternity nurses
  10. Domestic couples
  11. Gardeners
  12. Private PAs
  13. Last but not least, Private chefs

The Perfect Fit when you hire household staff UK

Obviously, at Bespoke Bureau, we understand finding a qualified candidate is a process requiring careful attention to detail. Whether it’s a housekeeper, nanny, estate manager, or private chef, our experienced list of household staffing candidates have undergone a strict selection process. Uniquely, they must have at least 5 years experience in the private service field, excellent references and a clear record.

Why hire household staff UK with an agency?

Obviously, there are many advantages to using a professional household staffing agency. First and foremost, a reputable domestic staff agency will have the connections to find qualified, experienced candidates quickly. An agency has an acute understanding of the many steps involved in the hiring process, and they’re familiar with the legal and tax requirements when it comes to hiring household staff. In short, an agency takes much of the burden of hiring employees off you, so you can focus on your family and career.

Get Expert Help Hiring Household Staff

Of course, hiring an employee is an involved, complex process. Moreover, if you’re feeling overwhelmed about the undertaking, you’re not alone. An expert staffing agency like us can help; your time and peace of mind are invaluable.

Bespoke Bureau can help you find the perfect person to fill your position. Needless to say, we’re an established private staffing company that connects clients throughout the country with qualified household staff, from personal assistants to private chefs, to baby nannies, to estate managers.

We use a rigorous screening process to carefully select qualified candidates, and we nurture you through the entire process of screening, interviewing, and hiring your perfect candidate. It’s how we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the household staffing industry.

A good housekeeper agency like ours should:

  • First of all, only hire experienced domestic staff who can deliver the high standards required from our private employers.
  • Secondly, undertake a rigorous domestic staff recruitment process
  • Thirdly, carefully check the staff’s household employment history and references
  • Last but not least, interview available candidates at great length. Also, ensure they have the right professional attitude and personality.

Benefits by using us:

  1. First of all, there’s no fuss in hire domestic staff with us.
  2. Secondly, we will see that you get the best staff.
  3. Thirdly, she (or he) will arrive on a time and day that suits a person’s needs and not the other way around.
  4. Moreover, we will make sure that you are happy or you can swap housekeeper within 12 months and this is a unique, unrivalled guarantee that we offer.
  5. Of course, our Housekeepers do more than just clean a house, they care for it.
  6. Impressively, they create a warm, inviting and positive atmosphere within the home.
  7. Finally, our clients can get on with other tasks and they can rest with the knowledge that they will be able to come to a tidy home.
    The best domestic staff with Bespoke Bureau
    The best domestic staff with Bespoke Bureau

So, how does a person hire household staff for their home?

The answer is simple:  Come to us. We are a leading domestic staff agency with top reviews and testimonials. Call +442032900142 or email us on: info@bespokebureau.com.

You are safe when you hire household staff  UK with Bespoke Bureau

Our reputable household staff agency will:

  • provide you with the candidate’s CV
  • provide you with the candidate’s employment references.
  • conduct CRB checks on your request.
  • meet with or skype the candidate
  • only take on recommended domestic staff candidates
  • provide experienced Domestic staff.
  • train the staff at our academy.

All of the above is done so that you can rest assured that you are hiring the best person for the job.

Hiring domestic staff with Bespoke Bureau
Hiring domestic staff with Bespoke Bureau

More info about Bespoke Bureau’s domestic staff service

  1. First of all, our recruitment consultants are experienced in finding the right person for you. By the same token, they work on set salaries. As a result, they tend to not be pushy. Similarly, they work alongside you as a team. Correspondingly, this enables you to make the right choice for your household.
  2. Impressively, based in the prestigious heart of London (Guildhall in the city) we are famous for being the best of the best and for the past 15+ years and now a franchise, we pride ourselves to constantly deliver an excellent service.
  3. Needless to say, Bespoke Bureau specialises in the recruitment of housekeepers, household staff internationally including House/Estate Managers, Butlers, Housekeepers, Chefs, Nannies and Gardeners.
  4. Impressively, over the years we have built a strong relationship with domestic staff candidates and private NHW and other clients alike which has led to new opportunities that enable us to provide a more comprehensive service with our clients’ needs in mind.
  5. Last but not least, for assistance and advice on all the services we offer, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

There are many reasons why wealthy homes decide that they need to use the services of a domestic staff agency London. Needless to say, many high profile and VIP clients want and need the best household staff available. Of course, a professional domestic staff agency like the Bespoke Bureau will help find the best household staff in London.Whatever the reason or circumstance which leads to looking for staff in London, you can trust us.

What staff to hire with us?

Do you know the difference between various types of domestic staff? This is where our domestic staff agency also come in handy. A placement agency like us that deals with domestic staff from all over the world can help you choose the right one for you. Obviously, we have staff including housekeepers from the Philippines and other countries can make your life easier.

Contact the best domestic staff agency London and be clear about your requirements from the outset and the staffing agency will help you get the right help for your home, estate, house or country mansion: +442032900142 or info@bespokebureau.com

Hire domestic staff UK
Hire domestic staff UK

Why use our domestic staff hire UK agency?

Noteworthy is that finding reliable home staff can be difficult. It is a time-consuming task that can be frustrating. With that in mind, we are here to make the process as easy as possible for you. As a matter of fact, Bespoke Bureau is known to the best in household staffing. We offer an unrivaled 12 month placement guarantee. It means that you can rest assured that you will end up with someone great. To summarize, we offer a comprehensive expertise service as shown above.

Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team will help you hire household staff UK today!
Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team will help you hire household staff UK today!

Our expert recruitment consultants:

  1. Our team of Domestic Staff Recruitment consultants are in place to help you.
  2. We take down your requirements and listen to your wishes.
  3. Furthermore, we are conveniently located in the city of London for face to face meetings.
  4. By the same token, available at your convenience is our home visit service.
  5. Known as the best in the industry, our consultants work with you through the whole process.
  6. Moreover, as a quality control measurement, our staff attend recruitment courses. As a result, we are able to offer a top service.
  7. New and existing clients are welcome.
  8. It is our aim is to make your search for the perfect household staff easy.
  9. Your consultant will offer you support through the process. As a result, the task will be easy for you.
  10. In addition to the recruitment help we offer, we help with contracts, job offers and more.

Contact us for more info on how to hire domestic staff UK

Finally, give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on info@bespokebureau.com to discuss options.

Hire domestic staff UK with Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team
Hire domestic staff UK with Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team

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