Hire Palace Manager

Hire Palace Manager

To summarise, Bespoke Bureau offers a unique Hire Palace Manager service. Uniquely, we offer excellent palace managers for your palace or VIP home. Call us today to hire your staff on: +442032900142 or email: info@bespokebureau.com 

Hire palace manager – we offer the best for the UK, Saudi and worldwide
Hire palace manager – we offer the best for the UK, Saudi and worldwide

Do you want to hire Palace Manager?

In fact, at Bespoke Bureau we have over 300 experienced and qualified top Palace Managers available. Of course, each Palace Manager has undergone a rigorous selection process. As a result, we can nsure we only provide our clients with a trusted Palace Manager.

Hire Palace Manager for Your Palace or VIP home

Needless to say, we understand how important it is that the palace manager is the best in business. Of course, all our palace managers are recommended. Similarly, they never come to us via advertising.

How we can help you:

  • Uniquely, we offer an unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee. As a result, you get a chance to make your mind up.
  • Of course, we offer competitive agency fees.
  • Needless to say, we will only hire candidates with the best capabilities.
  • Our Palace Managers will care for you palace with VIP skills.
  • Moreover, rest assured that they will take a genuine interest in your home and needs.
  • Our recruitment service is known as the best in the world.
  • Obviously, all candidates have a lot of experience for the role with you.
  • Our candidates at the hire agency have worked for similar VIP or royal households.
  • Finally, we guarantee that recruitment service will only send you the best people on the market.

As described above, you can rest in the knowledge that your home will thrive when you hire with us.

What is a palace manager?

Interestingly, a Palace Manager is an experienced House Manager who can manage a high-end residential villa, a royal palace or several. Needless to say, he or she is always ensuring efficient operations of the household. Interestingly, the Palace Manager reports directly to the owners. Moreover, he is she manages the household under their guidance and directive. He/She is an “hands-on executive” who has to manage the team’s other staff. Furthermore, he or she will oversee construction, renovation and landscaping projects and look after the household pets.


  • First of all, Staff Management
  • Secondly, Assist in recruitment of new staff
  • Thirdly, Ensure a high level of security is always maintained
  • Importantly, Supervise, train and manage an entourage of household staff
  • Also, Coordinate with various contractors
  • Interestingly, Inspire, coach and motivate staff to work efficiently and effectively. Similarly, to ensure their work is up to a high standard in terms of service, maintenance and presentation.
  • Of course, Carry out administrative duties.
  • Moreover, Maintenance and Management of Household Items.
  • Create and manage full household inventory.
  • Care for silver, antiques, fine art, luxury cars and other specialist items.
  • Develop shopping lists for all household requirements.
  • Plan, organise and coordinate events and dinner parties. Liaise with event organisers, caterers etc.
  • Last but not least, Manage the household’s schedules. For example, calendars and arrange appointments.

As described above, the palace manager needs to be a real multi tasker.

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