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Hotel Staff Training Company

Welcome to Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy, a well known Hotel Staff Training Company that trains private and corporate individuals to a 7 star elite standard. Call us for butler training or other courses today on: +442032900142 or email: info@bespokebureau.comHotel Staff Training Company

Great Customer Service Delivered!

Uniquely, The British Butler Academy is is a mobile service providing training classes in guest service for hotels and private VIP households. Needless to say, training that will inspire and motivate your staff.

What our Hotel Staff Training Company offers:

Interestingly, we train your team in guest and customer service, customer relations and driving sales to improve your bottom line.

We offer classes in:

  • Guest service
  • Butler service
  • Butler department set-up
  • Hotel staff service
  • Customer Service
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Hospitality Management
  • Driving Sales and Upselling

All delivered at your location, on your schedule!

Impressively, we offer personalized training in real time, that allows staff to ask questions and interact with the trainer. Unlike on-line courses where no control or feedback is given, we are there to interact and enrich the learning experience.

How the Hotel Staff Training Company works

You will receive the latest training from our most experienced Butler and 5 Star Hotel service teacher tutors. Moreover, we offer an excellent range of practical (hands on) Hotel staff training courses globally.

Hotel Butler training – Butler department set up

Uniquely, our training programme is tailor-made to develop a butler department or a team of Butlers for a 5 star Hotel or Resort. As a result, they will establish perfect skills. Similarly, they will be able to deliver a 7 star service to all guests and visitors with utmost finesse and confidence.

The curriculum of the Hotel Staff Training Company

Interestingly, the modules can be selected and combined individually, and can be tailored to fit particular corporate needs or the Hotel/company objectives.

Who is the Hotel Staff Training Company for?

The Hotel Staff Training Company is designed for existing Butlers, maids/Hotels managers their Assistants and those newly appointed to their positions.

What will you or your staff learn with us?

Of course, the overall objective of the Butler department training Programme for Hotels is to develop the performance of the Butler Team in the following critical areas of operation:

  • First of all, concierge skills – handling of business and personal travel arrangements, knowledge of tours, tourist attractions, local businesses, venues and special events, offering solutions or recommendations.
  • Secondly, communication skills – Within the team, with guests including cultural awareness and interpersonal communication.
  • Thirdly, food and beverage skills – all F&B Butler service skills required including drinks service, room service skills and essential F&B background knowledge.
  • Also, housekeeping and Valet skills – Standards of room, suite and villa presentation and all aspects of valet services, including packing and unpacking.

The aim of the Hotel Staff Training Company

Of course, the aim of the training is to get all Butler students to understand their role and the requirements to successfully perform all their duties as a 7 star Butler. Noteworthy is that all participants will be assessed (if requested by you) and deemed competent to fulfil all duties expected by VIP clients and guests standards of 5 star Hotels.

How long are the courses at the Hotel Staff Training Company?

The programme is tailor-made specifically for each individual property depending on size, staff and services provided. However, usually our Hotel Butler Training will take between 5 – 14 days but you get to decide.

What are the benefits of Hotel Staff Training Company and the Butler Training for Hotels?

So of course, the participants will gain skills, expertise and confidence to provide a seamless butler service to the required and expert standard and your guests will be happy. Moreover, the Butler department Hotel training we offer is very interactive and full of role play and fun. Also, the trainees will genuinely enjoy the training and being put through their paces. Last but not least, it will give your staff gain the confidence they need. As a result, they will meet and exceed your guest’s expectations.

Butler troubleshooting for Hotels

In fact, Bespoke Bureau provides personalised consultancy reviews of existing housekeeping and Butler departments at your hotel in order to identifying potential problems you may have and improve them to perfection.

Setting up a Butler or Housekeeping Department

The Bespoke Bureau Butler departments will manage or assist with the setting up of the Butler department or housekeeping/maid department of your hotel at the pre-opening phase or complete a full hotel opening.

How to book:

Finally, more more information, just contact us on +442032900142, or e-mail us on

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