House manager

House manager

First of all, if you’re seeking someone to help manage your home, chances are you want to ensure the seamless experience a house manager will bring into you. Needless to say, a House Manager will be the ideal find for you. Of course, highly specialised and trained, your House Manager will ensure smooth day-to-day running of your property and staff.

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House Managers are unique

Needless to say, House managers are experienced in running a household with no supervision. Moreover, they ensure that the house is running well. Also, the house manager may arrange external household services, manage a budget, keep supplies stocked, plan special events, run errands and grocery shop. Of course, sometimes the house manager is the only staff in the home. In such instances they cover all services including cleaning, child care, cooking, and laundry. Uniquely, a house manager can truly do it all!

On the other hand, the house manager can also be the supervisor to the rest of your staff if your estate is one that is fully staffed. Noteworthy is that the house manager can also be the point of contact to the estate owners for the entire staff as they may be the only one in direct contact with the head of household.

House Manager and PA duties

Impressively, often you can expect for your house manager to perform PA duties.

Typical PA duties for a personal assistant include:

  1. First of all, keeping the family on schedule
  2. Secondly, managing budget
  3. Thirdly, making travel arrangements
  4. Also, organizing social events
  5. Moreover, personal shopping
  6. Last but not least, handling personal correspondences.

Needless to say, if you are an in-demand individual your personal assistant will make your life easier.

A house manager will make a difference to your life

Obviously, if your budget permits, we believe that having a household manager is vital to your estate’s success. Particularly if you are a busy individual and have a lot of family and personal matters that need tending to.

What qualities should I look for in a house manager?

Well, at our agency, we prize candidates who have extensive experience. The position demands grace under pressure and consummate professionalism. Courtesy is of paramount importance.

So what is a house manager?

Responsibilities may be very different from one household to another depending on the formality level and the employer’s lifestyle. The House Manager will oversee tradespeople and the general running of the property. Uniquely, he or she is capable of servicing the many facets and unique aspect of your household. Furthermore, the house manager is flexible as well as highly skilled. Needless to say, he or she will come with extensive experience managing large properties and staff for high-profile individuals and companies.

House or Estate Manager, or House & Estate Manager?

Hire a house manager today!
Hire a house manager today!

The terms Estate Manager and Household Manager are commonly used interchangeably, but they’re actually two different roles that have some (or many) overlapping responsibilities and skills. In order to retain the right person for each job and ensure that your home and property run smoothly and to your house/estate’s particular specifications, it’s helpful to understand the difference between these two two roles. It might make sense to combine the roles, or to hire two specific people for unique roles. The decision is yours. To clarify what the house manager’s duties are vs the Estate Manager’s, see examples below:

The Estate Manager

Here’s a common description of this profession:

  • Administrative role.
  • Responsible for the running of the residences.
  • Management of the household staff.
  • Planning and coordinating private and social functions.
  • Report to the VP Finance or directly to the principal.
  • Salary range: 60,000GBP and up

The House Manager

Here’s a common description of this profession:

  • Also called Household Manager.
  • Similar duties to the Estate Manager, but for only one property.
  • Manages and oversees everyday activities of the household.
  • Supervise and manage the household staff.
  • Coordination with the contractors/vendors and supervision of their
  • May be in charge of planning social events.
  • Sometime manages the household’s travel arrangements.
  • Works with the household staff to meet all of the employer’s needs.
  • Report to the Estate Manager or directly to the principal.
  • Salary range: 50,000GBP and up

An example Description for House Manager will look like this with our agency

Our lovely client are a UHNW family in Central London with 3 children and a dog. Noteworthy is that the house is very large with 16 rooms, spread over 5 floors. Also, the family hires a fleet of staff consisting of 3 housekeepers, one laundry maid, one chef, one gardener, one PA and one chauffeur. We now seek a Top professional, switched on and strong house manager to join their team. Moreover, the position can be daily or live-in. The role is to replace their previous house manager who has been with them for over 7 years. You will be hands and on process driven, able to implement structure with a hard working attitude. Last but not least, the property is finished to a very high spec and kept to hotel standard at all times. Thus, your eye for detail must be spot on.

Recruit your house manager with us today
Recruit your house manager with us today

Duties will include but not be limited to:

  • First of all, management of the household staff
  • Secondly, working with the chefs on menus
  • Thirdly, purchasing and provisioning of household items
  • Also, implementation and development of systems and processes inside the house
  • Development and updating of the household manual
  • Coordinate dinner parties and small events at the house
  • Importantly, the maintenance and upkeep of the London home
  • Organizing all contractors and vendors
  • Database management and development (inventories etc)
  • Of course, report writing
  • Being able to represent the family as a front of house for guests and contractors.
  • Also, good knowledge of security systems
  • Oversee packing for travel
  • Ensuring that the house has fresh flower arrangements
  • Training staff
  • Wardrobe management
  • Ensuring dog has correct paper work for flying and anything else it requires.
  • Booking appointments
  • Last but not least, any other reasonable ad-hoc duties that may arise

Days & hours of work:

Generally 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday but a lot of flexibility is expected, this is not a ‘9-5’ role and occasionally you will work during weekends.

Starting: ASAP

Salary: £60,000 – £85,000 per annum depending on previous experience


  • At least 5 years in the field (at least 3 years with one family in London)
  • London experience with connections
  • High tech and computer savvy (Mac)
  • Outstanding references
  • Fit and healthy
  • Vaccinated fully
  • Animal lover
  • Confident driver
  • Perfect English
At Bespoke Bureau, we typically seek the following house manager qualifications when signing up candidates:

• Excellent personnel management and social skills • Of course, knowledge of household items and proper care procedures • Leadership, negotiation, supervisory and problem solving skills • Personal competencies and qualities to ensure satisfaction and success in the role • Commitment to high standards of service • Diplomacy and tact • Last but not least, enthusiasm and a sense of humour

Please note that we only take on house managers on the following premises:

  1. Importantly, they must come recommended to us
  2. Also have at the very least 5 years experience in the field
  3. Excellent references
  4. Of course, perfect English
  5. Seeking long term roles
  6. Obviously, committed, loyal, discreet and professional
  7. Finally, a clear DBS record

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