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Our housekeepers are wonderful

First of all, please note that the Bespoke Bureau is the UK number 1 housekeeper agency and that we have a great reputation. Impressively, we place housekeepers in homes and hotels across the globe. Uniquely, our online chat agents are available 24/7. Moreover, we offer the world’s largest selection of housekeepers and we have the following housekeepers on offer for you:

  • Full-time housekeepers.
  • Part-time housekeepers.
  • Uniquely, various nationalities
  • Filipino housekeeper London.Filipino housekeeper London
  • Private home as well as hotel housekeepers.
  • Emergency and temporary housekeepers.
  • Permanent and travelling housekeepers.
    Housekeeper agency for your home
    Housekeeper agency for your home

Why our housekeeper agency?

Well, aside from a direct referral from a trusted friend, which would be very difficult to come by, a referral from a trusted agency is the best way to hire a housekeeper in London. The Bespoke Bureau Agency will provide you with a complete Agency Agreement. Moreover, this document clearly states conditions and expectations and a 12-month replacement policy on all long-term placements. Uniquely, we are the only housekeeper hire business in the UK that offers such a long back up period for free.

There are of course many other reasons to use our housekeeper agency services. Some of them are:

  • First of all, we have been in business for almost two decades.
  • Secondly, we really care for our clients.
  • Thirdly, we do not advertise our business.
  • Impressively, we are based in beautiful offices in central London.
  • Uniquely, we have a superb track record of making successful placements.
  • Finally, we offer a 12 month back up guarantee.

Why hire a Housekeeper?

Obviously, many people may consider housekeeper service a luxury, but in almost every affluent home, housekeepers have become more of a necessity. Not only is cleaning a large home a full-time job, but an affluent home or estate owner has better things to do with their time than sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry.

Although cleaning, dusting, and polishing tasks are not glamorous, they are necessary. Of course, when a professional does the cleaning and housekeeping for you, your house or estate becomes a beautiful, bright and enjoyable. Moreover, your home will be like your personal palace fit for today’s affluent family without taking up the greater part of your day.

How a housekeeper can make a difference for you:

Needless to say, a housekeeper can make a big difference to the quality of you and your family’s life. Cleverly, if you happen to have a spare room or area in your house, the housekeeper can be live-in. Needless to say, a live in housekeeper costs less than a daily housekeeper but many people also hire daily housekeepers from us. Moreover, our housekeepers are caring and hard working and whatever your needs, trust in us to find you someone top. Obviously, we have years of experience in matching the right people in the right household and are known to make both clients and candidates very happy. Finally, we place housekeepers across the globe and in all types of settings.

Get a clean and sorted home with us
Get a clean and sorted home with us

 What our Housekeeper agency can do for you:

If you find a very good housekeeper then you are in luck. Our housekeepers offers:

  1. Preparing meals and cooking.
  2. Cleaning all areas.
  3. babysitting and pet care.
  4. driving and running errands.
  5. table service and clearing away after meals.
  6. meet and greet guests.
  7. valeting and polishing.
  8. laundry, ironing, steaming and wardrobe management.

Candidates available for hire all year

For both live in and daily housekeepers in London and elsewhere, we have several excellent candidates ready to start as soon as you are ready. Needless to say, we will be happy to discuss all the details, send you resumes and arrange interviews and trials with our excellent agency housekeeper candidates.

What’s a head housekeeper or executive housekeeper?

Let us explain. Well, first of all, an executive housekeeper is a live in or daily housekeeper who is in charge of other housekeepers in your home. Interestingly, this person is often responsible for hiring housekeepers. Furthermore, she will have and an interest in hiring the best people, as they will be responsible for the quality of cleaning in your home. Of course, if you’re in need of an executive housekeeper in London or elsewhere, our agency has qualified candidates ready to be interviewed, and will be happy to assist you in filling your position.

Of course, our  placement agency places housekeepers of all ranges and for all price levels in London and also outside. Also, if you have a large household that needs to be fully staffed and you wish to employ many housekeepers, we can help. In such instances, we suggest you hire a head housekeeper for your home first. Following that, with her help, you would hire a number of standard housekeepers for your laundry, washing, cleaning, serving and so on.

Finally, contact the housekeeper agency for more info:

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