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Securing a reliable housekeeper can be difficult. However, if you live in London’s Chelsea, you might be in luck. Finding a housekeeper for Chelsea is not hard. We have a large amount of housekeeper candidates to choose from. Please contact us today: +442032900142 or

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Why is a Housekeeper for Chelsea easy to find?

First of all, our housekeeper agency London has noticed that Chelsea and Kensington is a very popular area for a housekeeper to work in. Chelsea is one of the most sought after and affluent corners of London, home to many celebrities and aristocrats. Of course, a housekeeper will also enjoy the prestige that comes with working in the postcode. Whether the role is as live in housekeeper or live out housekeeper in Chelsea. Also, the shopping is some of the best in the capital, with top designers such as Gucci, Boodle and Tom Ford on Sloane Street. Although, a housekeeper will not be able to shop in such stores, she (or he) will enjoy caring for designer clothing and high end furnitures. Here are a few of the reasons of why working as Housekeeper in Chelsea is popular:

  1. Chelsea is centrally located
  2. Chelsea is easy to travel to
  3. The area is beautiful and inhabited by lovely and rich people.
  4. People in Chelsea typically pay well.


Why people hire housekeepers?

London is one of the top most happening metropolitan cities. It is a tough temptation to balance work & fun with loads to choose from. Residents enjoy a lifestyle that is fast-paced and you can hear “I don’t have time” in most conversations. Everyone has a to-do list that is extensive, including things they need to achieve for work, errands they need to run, and things that they want to do for fun and that adds to stress. Nobody can really avoid the hustle and bustle of London. Therefore, to manage better, let a professional maid from our agency help you. Especially people who reside in luxury areas like Chelsea, who really can afford housekeepers, employ maids more frequently than others.

What is the role of a housekeeper for Chelsea?

A Housekeeper is responsible for cleaning and caring for your high-end home. She (or he) will be reporting any safety hazards to the homeowner or house manager in charge. A housekeeper will typically complete tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting shelves, cleaning windows, and mopping floors. Also, housekeepers will change linens, wash dishes, and do ironing and laundry. Some housekeepers are equipped with wardrobe management skills and can do hand washing, sewing and mending. Other housekeepers are happy to double up as nanny or carer. Some can cook too. Others can serve meals. Sound good? We thought so.

How to find a good housekeeper agency for Chelsea?

Unless you are very well connected in the housekeeper market, which is unlikely, chances are that you will need to use an agency to locate a good housekeeper. Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Legitimacy: A legitimate maid agency London would have a verifiable physical address and office landline number. This requirement is not usually not fulfilled by illegal or rookie operators.
  • Reputation: Any good maid agency London should have a strong history with a clientele that includes respected businesses and other VIP entities. This guarantees that they have quality control, standard operating procedures, and customer service in place, making it more likely that the promised service will be provided.
  • Referral: Find out which business your friends, family, and co-workers have been using. If they have been in London long enough, they most certainly have a name to suggest. The majority of well-known businesses consider a referral from a happy customer highly. Verify if they have a referral scheme in place.

Cost of a housekeeper in London

The going rate for a live out housekeeper start at 15 pounds net per hour. That is around 20 pounds gross.

The going rate for a live in housekeeper start at 600net per week. That is about 43K gross per year.

However, the cost of a housekeeper can be affected by various factors.

What are the factors that can affect the expense of hiring a housekeeper in London?

Obviously, the biggest factor affecting how much you pay your housekeeper is the number of hours they work per day. Although the price for a live in housekeeper and a live out housekeeper is more or less the same, you are likely to get more money’s worth out of a live in housekeeper. The convenience of having them live in your property means that they can do overtime and babysitting when needed, but this should be paid on top of their normal salary. For example, if you expect your live-in housekeeper to work 10 hours per day, their salary should reflect this. Additionally, if you expect your housekeeper to do extra duties, which are more than that of a standard housekeeper’s job description, then you should consider offering a higher salary. For example, if you need a housekeeper who can also do nanny duties, they would expect a higher salary.

How can Bespoke Bureau help you?

To sum up, we think you should use our housekeeper agency London. If you have considered the above and are ready to find your perfect live in housekeeper or would just like to have a chat if you require some extra support on making the decision. Feel free to drop us a line today. We’d be delighted to help.

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