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Housekeeping agencyNot just a housekeeping agency…

Lose the stress. Live the dream.

Do you sometimes wish you could clone yourself? Do you wish there was more time in the day to enjoy more of the things you love? Family, friends, pets—they all deserve your attention. Or are you an Entrepreneur or executive who just wants to free up more time to spend on the things you value?

Life flies by so quickly, it’s crucial to stop and take a moment to appreciate it all. We can help you do just that. By re-energizing your home, our housekeeping agency’s services can invigorate your life. Leave the housekeeping to our superb candidates and start living in the moment.

We are more than a housekeeping agency. Uniquely, we offer recruitment help for all types of domestic staff.

Imagine coming home to find:

  • your house clean
  • the dishwasher emptied
  • laundry done and folded
  • shopping for the week in your fridge and
  • your dog walked
  • dinner being cooked

Nice huh? We offer a selection of housekeepers and ex executive housekeepers for all your needs.

Housekeepers and Executive Housekeepers on offer at our agency:

  • Full time, live-in or live-out.
  • Responsible for the day to day running of a large house.
  • Maintaining high standard of housekeeping.
  • Light household duties, household accounts, shopping, florist orders, errands.
  • General household maintenance.
  • Liaison with tradesmen for repairs and maintenance.
  • Hiring and training and supervision of other staff such as housekeeper, cleaner, gardener etc.

Live-in Housekeepers & Live-in Couples

  • Similar to Executive Housekeepers and Live out Housekeepers but living in.
  • All expenses, meals and accommodation included in salary.
  • Usually provided with separate accommodation including bedroom, living, kitchen and bath.
  • Usually work 8-10 hours daily and entitled to two consecutive days off in any seven day period.

What is a housekeeper?

Below is a summary description of the domestic staffing position of Housekeeper. The description provides a general overview of typical responsibilities. Depending on your particular requirements, additional duties might be needed while others are deemed unnecessary.

For more information on our Domestic Housekeepers, including Live-In Housekeepers, Live-Out Housekeepers, Housekeeper/Cooks, Housekeeper/Nannies, and others, please contact us today.  All consultations with Bespoke Bureau Housekeeper Agency are no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential.

Housekeeper Description

A Housekeeper is an individual responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the interior of a residence. Typical domestic duties of the Housekeeper include cleaning, doing the laundry, ironing, dusting, silver polishing, vacuuming, pet care, and running errands. Housekeeper duties may also include preparation of meals and caring for children. Housekeepers may be part-time or full-time and live-in or out, depending on the Employer’s needs.

In larger residences, a Housekeeper (or Executive Housekeeper) may also be responsible for managing other Housekeepers and subordinate domestic staff members. In general, the staff of a large residence is divided into departments, and the Housekeeper is in charge of all the female domestic workers with the possible exception of the kitchen staff, who report to the Chef, and the between staff, who may report to the butler.

Duties of a housekeeper at our Agency

  • Detailed cleaning and wet mop all kitchen and bathroom areas plus vacuuming, dusting throughout.
  • Laundry, ironing and steaming.
  • Fridge clean and tidy.
  • Beds stripped, sheets and towels replaced.
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Dog walking
  • House sitting
  • Errands
  • Spring cleaning including oven and range hood, BBQ, cleaning blinds and curtains, cleaning overhead fans, air conditioning filters, fridge and freezer, pantry, linen press etc.

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