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Securing reliable home staff can be difficult. Let the best Maid Agency UK help you today. Bespoke Bureau can make your life easy. Please contact us today: +442032900142 or

Maid agency UK

Why our Maid Agency UK?

First of all, our housekeeper agency London is known as one of the best. Secondly, we listen to what you are looking for and guide you on the most suitable type of help for you. Thirdly, we carefully match your requirements with the right candidates. Similarly, we won’t waste your time sending you applicants that don’t fit your requirements. Moreover, we can help you find daily or live in, full or part time help. Of course, we offer nationwide coverage but also place staff overseas.

A wide range of housekeepers at the Maid Agency UK

Uniquely, Bespoke Bureau offers the exemplary housekeeping services of experienced British, European and Filipino domestic staff. We place housekeepers, housekeeper/nannies, housekeeper/cooks, carers, and all other household staff. Of course, all domestic staff candidates are selected for their experience, reliability and flexibility. Of course, we have people available for both daily and live-in jobs.

The perfect fit for your family or business

Obviously, we are one of the leading Housekeeper agencies UK. Impressively, we work with individual households and corporate clients throughout the U.K. Interestingly, many of our clients contact us through recommendation. Of course, we ensure that each client’s requirements are individually tailored to meet your particular household and staffing needs.

Our Vision

Needless to say, we work hard to make your life easier. We take the strain out of your daily schedule by offering a service based on reliability, efficiency and discretion. Of course, it is always a concern to find staff. Therefore we do the work for you. Impressively, we have almost 20 years experience in matching staff with families. Moreover, we take the time to discuss the exact requirements and needs of each client. Obviously, it is very important to find the right person for the job.

Some Agency highlights

  1. First of all, we offer a service of sending CV’s, talking through your requirements and have pleasure in arranging appointments to meet the different candidates.
  2. Secondly, every applicant we put forward has been interviewed and vetted.
  3. Importantly, all candidates must have at least 5 years previous experience. Similarly, they must have excellent references from previous employers in the UK and of course all necessary legal documents are carefully checked.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your specific requirements.

Available Housekeepers on our books:

To meet the demand of our Clients, we offer a variety of housekeepers:

To sum up, we have an extensive database of top housekeepers at our housekeeper agency London.

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