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Why our Maid Agency UK?

First of all, our housekeeper agency London is known as one of the best. Secondly, we listen to what you are looking for and guide you on the most suitable type of help for you. Thirdly, we carefully match your requirements with the right candidates. Similarly, we won’t waste your time sending you applicants that don’t fit your requirements. Moreover, we can help you find daily or live in, full or part time help. Of course, we offer nationwide coverage but also place staff overseas.

Why people hire maids in London with our maid agency UK

London is one of the top most happening metropolitan cities. It is a tough temptation to balance work & fun with loads to choose from. Residents enjoy a lifestyle that is fast-paced and you can hear “I don’t have time” in most conversations. Everyone has a to-do list that is extensive, including things they need to achieve for work, errands they need to run, and things that they want to do for fun and that adds to stress. Nobody can really avoid the hustle and bustle of London. Therefore, to manage better, let a professional maid from our agency help you.

Part-time maids vs Full time maids in London

Perhaps you do not need a full time maid for your home? Well, you can hire a part time housekeeper too who is professionally trained to clean your home and launder & iron your clothes.


  • Obviously, it’s cheaper to only have a part time housekeeper.
  • You can hire when you need and pay accordingly.
  • A full time housekeeper, opposed to a part time maid will often have time to clean, launder, iron, cook and run errands.


  • A part time housekeeper does not house sit (like a full time housekeeper often does) so if you travel, you won’t have that added protection to your home.
  • A part time housekeeper won’t have time to do all of the mentioned above.

Signs that you need to hire a maid

  • You are too busy

    Your schedule is full, whether you’re occupied at parent-teacher meetings, working late at work, or meeting up with friends. Finding the time to clean is harder when you have a long to-do list every day.

You could cross your chores off your list without lifting a finger and you’d have one less item to keep track of if you could count on a dependable maid to keep your home in excellent condition.

  • You work long hours

    Coming home after a long day at work is a relief, whether you spend the whole time in meetings or at a desk. But if your home is a mess, it might not be the place you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Imagine coming home to a spotless house rather than attempting to clean up while you’re out of energy. By hiring a maid, you can unwind and take advantage of your free time after work without worrying about chores.

  • You have a Newborn

    Parenting is a full-time job, and taking care of a newborn is like working an extra shift. If you’re a new mum, your infant undoubtedly receives all of your attention and energy, leaving little time or energy for cleaning. However, you still want your house to be as tidy and clean as you can make it for your family.

You might find it easier to get through the day if you have a dependable maid. You can relax knowing your house is tidy and clean, and focus on having fun with your child.

  • You are moving house

    You are moving into a new home and would like to ensure it is clean and sanitized well. A deep cleaning service takes care of all areas that are not normally cleaned. In case you are moving out, it is essential to leave the property in good condition so you can get your deposit back.

If you are selling or renting your property, it may be easier to get buyers or tenants when the property is properly maintained & cleaned.

  • You are feeling sick often

    Each year, more than 50 million people battle various allergies. It’s probable that dust mites and pet dander are present in your home if you’re feeling sick more often. Your allergies may be triggered by certain air contaminants.

Over time, dust builds up, resulting in symptoms such as coughing, watery eyes, and sneezing. Cleaning dust and dirt could trigger your allergies further, too.

  • Guests are coming over

    When you bring visitors over, you want to give them the best possible first impression. Before they arrive, imagine having your maid make your home and guest areas look spotless.

Your maid will see to it that everything is tidy, prepared, and clean for guests. You might devote your time and effort to other preparations outside cleaning in the meantime.

  • You got more important things to do

    You enjoy the great lifestyle London offers and rather hire someone to do the boring tasks at home. If you are a go-getter and have many things to enjoy in a day then our maid agency London will save you time and still keep your home shining

How to find a good maid agency London?

  • Legitimacy: A legitimate maid agency London would have a verifiable physical address and office landline number. This requirement is not usually not fulfilled by illegal or rookie operators.
  • Reputation: Any good maid agency London should have a strong history with a clientele that includes respected businesses and other VIP entities. This guarantees that they have quality control, standard operating procedures, and customer service in place, making it more likely that the promised service will be provided.
  • Referral: Find out which business your friends, family, and co-workers have been using. If they have been in London long enough, they most certainly have a name to suggest. The majority of well-known businesses consider a referral from a happy customer highly. Verify if they have a referral scheme in place.
What duties does a maid do?

Housekeepers are experts who will do everything in their power to make your home spotless. Depending on the maid you choose to hire, she (or he) will complete a variety of tasks.

The following is an example of a professional Maid cleaning checklist:

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas
  • The dusting of all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Brush/Vacuum/Mop all floor surfaces
  • Vacuum carpets & Sofa, couches, chairs
  • Laundry, Folding Clothes, Ironing
  • Organize your cabinets
  • Take out the garbage, replace bags & recycling, when possible
Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, bidet,
  • Wash shower/ bathtub and sink
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Brush/Vacuum/Mop all floor surfaces
  • Take out the garbage, replace bags & recycling, when possible
Kitchen Cleaning
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink & load up dishwasher as required
  • Wipe down the exterior of the stove, oven, and fridge
  • Wipe down all glass surfaces
  • Brush/Vacuum/Mop all floor surfaces
  • Take out the garbage, replace bags & recycling, when possible

To sum up, we think you should use our housekeeper agency London.

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