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Service Training Resort

In brief, book your Service Training Resort by contacting The British Butler Academy on: +4420329001444 or

First of all, our famous Service Training Resort will help your establishment reach new heights. Impressively, we are known as world leaders in our industry. Moreover, we will to see to the needs of your unique set-up. Needless to say, we work with both new and existing hotel and resort and we have clients operating worldwide. Finally, our teachers and courses are available all year around.

We have the following specialist teachers available for our training in Service resorts:

  • Uniquely, we have the world’s best butler hotel experts available
  • Moreover, Butler department set up consultant
  • Also, front of house service expert trainer
  • Furthermore, hotel housekeeping excellence teachers
  • Of course, expert teachers in service etiquette and silver service
  • Needless to say, we have laundry maid teacher
  • Finally, we offer mystery shoppers and quality control experts

Who can book the service training?

  1. Elite Hotels
  2. Private Member Clubs
  3. 5 Star resorts
  4. Pre-opening high-end establishments
  5. Luxury retailers
  6. Brands looking to improve their guest or customer service

Where is the training held?

Service training for hotels and resorts
Service training for hotels and resorts
  • Uniquely, we will come to your premises and deliver the training in your own environment. The place where we believe your staff will learn the most.
  • Also, we offer individual training for your staff member/s, which can be booked, can be held at your premises or in your venue of choice.

Topics covered:

  • First of all, elite service
  • Secondly, personal professionalism
  • Thirdly, cultural differences
  • Moreover, team work is an important subject
  • Of course, we also teach concierge elements
  • Needless to say, we guide your staff in service language and service etiquette
  • Furthermore, hygiene standard and personal presentation is part of the curriculum
  • Obviously, we will teach your team communication skills including conversation and listening
  • Importantly, your team will become experts in body language and eye contact
  • Similarly, we teach posture and dress code
  • Finally, they will be brushed up in etiquette & service language excellence
Sara Vestin Rahmani founded the most prestigious of Butler Recruitment Firms!
Sara Vestin Rahmani founded the most prestigious of Butler Recruitment Firms!

Finally, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome! 

Kind Regards, The British Butler Academy

Phone: +442032900142 or

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