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Training House management

In brief, call: +442032900142 or email to enrol on one of our Training House management courses.Training House management

The Training House management curriculum includes:

  • House Management
  • Elite housekeeping
  • Butler service
  • Staff management
  • All types of service
  • Rotas and schedules


Impressively, we accept applications all year around. Contact the office on for more information. Of course, we will try and guide you to a course that suits you.

What is included?

Needless to say, the training is practical and theoretical. Moreover, will be assessed daily on the course. Finally, you will get a glossy certificate at the end of the course.

Why our Courses?

Needless to say, especially relevant is that a high percentage of today’s hospitality staff  need the skills of silver service. Although silver service is an old-fashioned type of service, it is popular. As a result of our training, with silver service as a skill on your CV, new doors will open and higher paid jobs may be in short reach. Moreover, let our specialist teachers show you all the tricks and tools of the trade.

What will I learn?

  • First of all, we will teach you staff management techniques.
  • Secondly, you will learn about house management.
  • Obviously, we are here to teach you to master the technical skills to carry out silver service.
  • Administration and family diaries.
  • Housekeeping management techniques
  • Entertainment and Event Planning
  • Culinary for Private Service
  • Property and Grounds, Maintenance, Security and Smart-Home Technology
  • The ability to customize and set up a comprehensive Service Management Plan
  • Moreover, we will teach you how to carry and clear with style and finesse.
  • Needless to say, you will learn how to present and Serve wine correctly.
  • Furthermore, you will learn when and where to apply different styles of service, protocol & etiquette.
  • Last but not least, we will turn you into a refined service professional.

Is the training difficult?

Initially, the idea of giving silver service is hard. However, our teachers  offers methods which are easy for our students to understand. Noteworthy is that we follow a standard structure designed to cover every aspect of service that a waiter/ess will need. Also, the course has been developed over many years of practical training to offer the knowledge, techniques and ability to excel and progress at the highest levels of the hospitality industry. Finally, courses give you everything you need to know and understand to offer excellent service.

When and where are the courses running?

  • All year around.
  • At your house or workplace.
Can you find me a job after I attend one of your House management courses?

Impressively, we can sometimes place good students in jobs when we can. Needless to say, we are a London based butler recruitment agency. Obviously, we have clients all over the world looking for butlers from us.

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