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Butler concierge training

For more info on how to book the world leading Butler concierge training, contact us at the butler training company today on info@bespokebureau.com

Butler concierge training
Butler concierge training

Butler training resortsButler concierge training for you

Impressively, The British Butler Academy offer training for all guest service staff. We all know that the key for success and your brand identity is quality in service. In fact, 90% of the quality of the product is based on the achievement and attitude of the staff how they treats guests. Actually, we truly believes that elite service is the most valuable tools to set the level of the service of any hotel. To summarise, you will soon see a ROI and a rise in profit once we have trained your staff.

Cost of the Butler Concierge training

In fact, you can book our training for as little as 800GBP plus VAT per day. Of course, our exact fee structure is tailor made depends on the capacity of the hotel/resort/yacht and the number of students.

Why our training?

Interestingly, the role of a Resort Butler is constantly changing to meet the demands of world travellers. Therefore, to accommodate the needs of their guests, we equip our students with the professional tools necessary.

Of course, our Butlers are trained on service quality, stay satisfaction, follow-up and management of complaints. Obviously, all of which allows him/her to offer a highly personalised service. Moreover, the Resort Butler is the cornerstone of a highly personalised service that guarantees high quality standards.

The importance of Butler concierge training

Impressively, the variety of duties a modern hotel butler can perform is the most effective way to keep a consistent level of service towards your guests. Needless to say, a professionally trained butler will be able to work across departments. He or she will keep costs under control. Of course, the butler is seen by the guest as a trusted line of direct communication for all their needs. Whether it is laundry, restaurant reservations or housekeeping requests.

With the above in mind, our butler training focuses on the multi tasking capabilities of the butler.

What’s on offer?

  • first of all, we provide guest service training.
  • secondly, an important part is our front of house training.
  • thirdly, concierge butler training is on our program.
  • also, we offer valet training
  • importantly, we teach silver service.
  • of course, we work with standardising your operation.
  • of course, we do trouble shooting.
  • finally, we. teach quality management through mystery visits.

The future of hotels

Of course, we firmly believe that service is the future of hotels. In fact, human interaction with your guest, will set your hotel apart. Uniquely, our training is tailored to your identity, your culture and location. The hotel is unique because of the people working there as the hotel is a home away from home.

Proven results

Impressively, The British Butler Academy has a proven track record in training hotels and resorts worldwide. We guarantee a rise in guest satisfaction and retention by implementing our strategies, Are you ready to grow?

How to book

For more information, contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on info@bespokebureau.com 

Here, you can watch a video from our training

Thank you!

The British Butler Academy

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