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Contact the Butler recruitment company UK on +442032900142 or info@bespokebureau.com today with your name and number for a quote.

Whether you are looking for along term butler for your home or want a butler for the day, look no further. We offer a unique Butler recruitment service with the best butlers around. We operate globally with our base in central London. Uniquely, we create a Bespoke Butler packages and are happy to arrange every aspect for you.

Butler Recruitment company UK:

For as little as £500+VAT per day, you can have the perfect Butler. For permanent butler placements we charge more.

Why our Butler recruitment company UK?

First of all, our Butler candidates will do all the hard work so you don’t have to. In fact, Bespoke Bureau’s butler hire company organise everything from:

  1. Butlers for events
  2. Long term butlers
  3. Yacht Butlers
  4. Travelling Butler
  5. Female butlers
  6. Butlers for palaces
  7. Hotel butlers

How We Work:

Obviously, as our name Suggests (Bespoke), we will find you just the type of Butler you need. Let us do the hard work for you. 

Why our Bespoke Butler recruitment company UK?

In fact, we take all the hassle away. For that you can enjoy your special function. Actually, we offer a selection of Butler hire company services for:

  • Permanent positions
  • Temporary jobs
  • Weddings
  • Functions
  • Events
  • Corporate gatherings
  • Horse polo
  • Dinners
  • Birthday parties

Needless to say, our Butler Recruitment Company continue to exceed expectations of both clients and their guests.

Difference of a Butler and House Manager

Interestingly, the role of the House Manager and Butler has changed. The traditional ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ idea of a Butler still exists. However, often in more formal households. Having said that, these days, we are more often asked to find a modern Household Manager. Impressively, the House Manager is an intelligent, practical individual. In fact,he or she is prepared to multi-task in all manner of areas.

Some examples are:

  • First of all, management of other staff.
  • Secondly, general management of a home. Or sometimes of a whole portfolio.
  • Thirdly, events organisation.
  • Of course, PA duties. For example, diary management.
  • Finally, chauffeur duties.

More traditional duty examples are:

  • offering formal table service.
  • moreover, service of drinks.
  • also, greeting guests.
  • of course, valeting.
  • importantly, care of the wine cellar.
  • also, cleaning of silver, care of fine antiques and art.
  • last but not least, organisation of shoots.

Of course, House Managers and Butlers are computer literate. Furthermore, they are often asked to travel with their employers. Sometimes they work in multiple homes and estates. In fact, some of them manage a whole portfolio of properties. Also, sometimes they are even asked to speak a second language.

Butler recruitment company UK

Bespoke Bureau and our event butler hire:

Uniquely, The Bespoke Bureau offers a wide range of top butlers to work for 1 day up to 20 years. Obviously, the choice is yours on who you hire. Obviously, our team of qualified and experienced office staff will help you find your ideal solution. Sounds nice? We thought so.

Impressively, we have the expertise to match the right butler with the right family. Also, we offer a back up guarantee in case you want to opt for someone else instead after a short period. Finally, our butlers are of 5 star excellence.

We have available butlers for:

  • VIP private households
  • Palaces
  • Travelling jobs
  • Yachts
  • 5 star Hotels
  • Private members clubs
  • Finally for 5 Star resorts and villas

Contact the Butler Recruitment Company UK:

Last but not least, contact us on +442032900142 or info@bespokebureau.com today with your name and number for a quote.

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Founder

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