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Initially, we want to let you know that we are a leading Filipina Housekeeper Agency London. Contact our housekeeper agency today on +442032900142. Or by email:

Interestingly, clients come to us to find the ideal Filipina housekeeper. We are known to match your cleaning and childcare requirements. Needless to say, we always recommend select candidates based on their skill set and the needs of the property and family. Because of their great reputation, many of the housekeepers that we place in housekeeping positions in London are Filipina.

Filipina Housekeeper Agency London 

Why are Filipina housekeepers in high demand in London?

Needless to say, Filipina housekeepers are well known for their high level of professionalism and hard work. Therefore they usually have a good track record. Also, they have great references. As a result, this makes them popular. Obviously, most of the Filipina housekeepers in our agency have been working domestic settings for several years. Moreover, they show long-term commitment and professional attitudes.
A summary of why you should use a Filipina Housekeeper Agency London. So, typically professional Filipina housekeepers have the following qualities:
  • Long-term commitment to previous jobs.
  • High attention to detail in their work duties..
  • Flexibility to adjust to the household and employers needs.
  • Discretion for the home they work within.
  • Peaceful and calm attitude. With a lovely smiley approach.
  • Bright and intelligent. Also able to get the job done efficiently.
  • Impressively, always excellent with children and pets.
  • Kind and always willing to go the extra mile.
Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team will find your ideal Filipina housekeeper
Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team will find your ideal Filipina housekeeper

How much does a Filipino housekeeper cost?

First of all, because Filipinas can no longer enter the UK to work on domestic visas, the demand is much bigger than the supply. As a result, the prices have increased. The going rate for a daily Filipina is 15 per hour per up to 18 per hour net. Some will work for less of course. Also, some are self employed (often part time workers) and some are not (full time workers).

On the contrary, a live in Filipina housekeeper will be asking for at least 600net per week. Often more. Remember however that they are worth their weight in gold. Often they can do the job of two people themselves. So get yourself in touch with us and let us make your life easier today. It is worth every penny.

What should you consider when hiring a Filipina housekeeper in London?

As always, when you hire anyone, you should always ask yourself these key questions:
  1. How many days and hours do you need them to work?
  2. Is the position live in or live out?
  3. Does the role include childcare or pet care?
  4. Is the housekeeper required to travel?
  5. Is the housekeeper required to cook?
  6. Will the housekeeper work alone, as part of a team?
  7. What’s the timeline in which you are looking to hire?
  8. Have you checked the references and vetted the candidate’s CV and resume?
  9. Will you pay a premium salary? As a rule you’ll pay more for the sought after experience that Filipina candidates can offer. Therefore, you should make sure your budget can stretch to the market rate. Especially in London, where rates are higher!

How can our Filipina Housekeeper Agency London help?

We a leading domestic agency supplying English speaking Filipina housekeepers. Moreover, we place Filipina nannies and carers. Our Filipina housekeepers are hard-working and build a strong relationship with families that often last for years.

We provide:

  • A personal service. We will match your staff member with your unique needs.
  • Full-time, part-time, live-in and live-out staff in London.
  • A 6-month guarantee on all placements.
  • A success rate of over 98%.
  • Staff at competitive rates.
  • Over 250 Filipina housekeepers and other Filipina staff ready to start work for you immediately.
  • All have been vetted.
  • They all have at least 5 years experience.
  • Of course, they are all legal to work in the UK.A Filipina housekeeper can change your home for the better
    A Filipina housekeeper can change your home for the better

Uniquely, we work with clients and candidates around the world. Obviously our job is to help place the ideal Filipina housekeeper in the right property. Of course, we would be delighted to help you source the right person. Regardless of what your requirements are. So finally, if you want to find a Filipina Housekeeper Agency London, be sure to register with us today. Last but least, give us a ring today on +442032900142 or email us on

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