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First of all, The British Butler Academy (BBA) is a unique, exclusive and professional butling and house management school. Proudly, we are considered to be the finest and most innovative butler  training firm in the world. Of course, we are equally proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families, international businesses, five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs and Yachts turn to us for staff training and recruitment.

Why our Butler Training Services Courses?

Needless to say, butlers and house managers in today’s residential market must understand the skill set of each staff member in the residence. Therefore, our students learn how to correctly execute each household job skill. As a result, they will be able to work effectively but also facilitate superior management of their staff. Impressively, we have put together a vast curriculum that covers all aspects of private service.

Butler Training Services Courses

What our Butler Training Services Courses entail?

As mentioned above, we train you in all the aspects of butling and house management. However, you can also opt to choose only parts of our curriculum. Needless to say, we offer a wide range of luxury service training courses at our service and etiquette academy UK.

Some example modules:

  • History of the Butler

  • Personal presentation – Hygiene standards, Body language and eye contact, Posture and dress code for example.
  • The modern butler

  • Butler Valet training course

  • Housekeeper training
  • Training house management

  • Staff management
  • Table management training

  • Silver service waiting training
  • Housekeeper Laundry training

  • Wardrobe management

  • Communication

  • Pet care

  • Finishing touches
  • Etiquette & Protocol

  • The traveling butler

  • Training butler service hotels

Why choose our Luxury service Training?

Needless to say, today’s 5 star guests are discerning. In fact, they expect the best. Therefore, offering GOOD guest service is no longer enough. Instead, these days Guests of high-end hotels and resorts expect unforgettable 5 star tailored guest experiences. As a result, we shall assist your Establishment to achieve just this. Last but not least, our luxury service training will up your trip advisor reviews or star ratings today with our Training


  1. In fact, we offer training for groups for as little as £800-1500 per day depending on numbers and the type of training and length. Prices are per course excluding VAT.
  2. The ideal number of students are 10 per teacher.
  3. Uniquely, training is held on-site at the hotel booking each training course.
  4. Of course, you pay extra for flight, transfer and stay if you require the trainer to fly. Moreover, we have trainers across the globe so it usually does not cost too much.

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