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First of all, to contact one of the best domestic staff agencies around, please contact +442032900142 or


Needless to say, Bespoke Bureau is one of the most trusted domestic staff agencies around. Based in central London, we have been helping families hire and train their domestic staff for almost 20 years now. It goes without saying that finding reliable long term home staff can be difficult. Therefore, we think you should give us a try. Proudly we’ve been securing top domestic staff for families in the UK and overseas with an unrivalled 94% success rate. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

What staff can I hire with domestic staff agencies?

Well, different domestic staff agencies offer different types of staff. However, with us, you can choose from the whole spectrum.

  1. Housekeepers.
  2. Butlers.
  3. House managers
  4. Nannies
  5. Chefs
  6. Drivers
  7. Of course security staff
  8. Gradeners
  9. Carers
  10. Domestic couples
  11. Last but not least, much more

Only recommended domestic staff with us

Interestingly, we have highly recommended staff on our books all year around. Also, there are always plenty of staff available from when you use us. No job is too big or too small. Because we offer services to those of you in need of just one staff member but of course also to those of you looking for a full set of staff. Our candidates are well known to us. Therefore we know of their capabilities, personalities and what jobs they suit in and what jobs they don’t suit in. As a result, we are able to tailor your recruitment search to match you up with only the more suitable candidates around. Similarly, we never just churn out CVs. Instead, we hand pick a selection of trusted candidates before introducing them to you. 9/10 of the people we introduce to you, you’ll want to interview.

To sum up, we offer a comprehensive service.

Finally, to register with us, please do get in touch with our domestic staffing agency on +442032900142 or email

Thank you so much from all of us.

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