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Filipina HousekeepersWhat is a Filipina housekeeper Kensington?

First of all, a Filipina housekeeper is a domestic service professional from the Philippines who has the responsibility for the cleaning and upkeep of a private household. Contact us today to find a Filipina housekeeper Kensington. Impressively, we have a large selection of Filipina housekeepers and other domestic staff available.

Why use our agency when hiring Filipina staff?

Obviously, we are delighted to offer all our clients a top notch housekeeper recruitment service. Impressively, we have more Filipina housekeepers available than any other agency. Needless to say, Filipina housekeepers are highly sought-after. Of course, we work to the highest standards and pride ourselves in our exceptional personal client service.

Key factors in how we work at our agency:

  • First of all, an unrivalled re-placement guarantee that runs over 6 months.

  • Secondly, we are always professional and efficient.
  • Thirdly, we offer transparency, which includes being honest in our communication about candidates and the hiring process.
  • Of course, finding you the very Filipina staff. As mentioned above, we really do take our time to select the best suited candidates for your position. Instead of just churning out Cvs.

  • Last but not least, we offer after placement support. We follow up and stay in touch with you.

Why hire a Filipina housekeeper?

Worth mentioning is that we know the importance of having a home that is clean and organised. Filipina housekeepers are world-renowned for their dedication to work. Furthermore, they are known for their high standards in cleaning and housekeeping. In fact, they are also great at both childcare and elderly care. Needless to say, it can be very hard to keep on top of your entire housekeeping. Especially when you work long hours and have a busy life. Therefore, hiring a housekeeper from the Philippines will make your life so much easier.

What makes our Filipina housekeepers stand out?

First of all, we take a great deal of care when interviewing applicants. Similarly, we are experts in matching our clients’ specific needs with the housekeeper’s experience. Obviously, we are proud over the work we do and want to make sure our clients are satisfied. This way, you come back to us year after year. Worth mentioning is that all housekeepers come to us recommended. Similarly, we never advertise.

Live-in Filipina housekeeper vs daily

Of course, you can opt for a live-in or daily housekeeper. Needless to say, we have both options available. Both are of course very experienced. However, there are certain advantages with having live-in help. One is that the housekeeper will get a quicker start to the day. Moreover, she will get used to your home faster. Of course, you will also have the advantage of being able to build up trust with your housekeeper faster. Having said that, our live out housekeepers are also phenomenal. Therefore, if you require someone to perform daily housekeeping duties for you but you either don’t have the space for a live-in or you don’t want one, pick one of our outstanding live out Filipina housekeepers. Worth mentioning is that, you may wish to pay for a cab home for your daily housekeeper if she has been working late one evening. It’s a nice gesture.

Duties of a Filipina housekeeper

Impressively, the Filipina housekeeper is often a great multitasker. In fact, no job is too big for her. She even thrives at working hard.

A few example of duties are listed here:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Polishing
  3. Mopping floors
  4. Vacuuming
  5. Dusting
  6. Washing
  7. Ironing
  8. De-cluttering
  9. Food shopping
  10. Cooking
  11. Clearing up after meals
  12. Changing and making beds
  13. Organising wardrobe
  14. Watering plants
  15. Errands
  16. Taking clothes for dry cleaning
  17. Sewing and mending
  18. Providing meal services
  19. Baby sit
  20. Pet care
  21. Much more

Impressive huh?

Part time Filipina housekeepers

Of course, you may only need a housekeeper to work a few hours a day or a couple of times a week. Whatever your needs, we can help. Uniquely, we offer part time Filipina housekeepers for positions in and around London. All year around.

Temporary Filipina housekeepers

Should you need a housekeeper for a short period of time. Perhaps you are going on vacation and need someone to either look after your home or travel with you. In such instances, we offer temporary housekeepers for you. We have a selection of temp housekeepers all year around.

Vetting of housekeepers:

We take a great deal of care when interviewing applicants. The agency matches your specific needs with the housekeepers experience. Needless to say, we take up work history, references and certificates. Moreover, we check IDs and police records. As you can tell, we take pride in the work we do. We offer an excellent service to all our clients. Of course, we ensure that they receive nothing but the best from us.

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