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Are you looking to find domestic couple London? They can be hard to find. To find a couple of a top end quality you may have to look for a while. Or just give us a ring. Our agency has a large variety of excellent domestic couples for work in London and outside. Find domestic couple London

Join the Bespoke Bureau household staffing agency if you are looking to hire domestic staff UK. We provide the best available Household Staff for discerning clients: +442032900142 or

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Of course, the best domestic couples in London are popular and can be expensive. With our domestic staffing agency UK, however, it it may be cheaper. This is because our couples often combine the roles of several staff. For example, a couple from us can cover the roles of: housekeeper, driver, cook, butler, gardener, handy man and much more. As mentioned before, we have a large database of recommended couples. Moreover, they are available all year around.

How much does it cost to find domestic couple?The best couples are available with us

The best couples are available with us

In fact, a daily domestic couple in London can cost from £900 to £1500 per week net. Sometimes less and sometimes more. Of course, if you want a domestic couple with many skills and a lot of experience, then they may cost more. Experienced couples are obviously more expensive than couples with less skills. Noteworthy is that we have a domestic staffing agency fee price match guarantee. Meaning if you find another household staff agency with a cheaper domestic agency fees and the same terms as us, we will match their price. Finally, we hope this will help you choose us.

What is a domestic couple?

Impressively, a domestic couple is a couple that are able to cover most household duties in your home. As mentioned before, we have couples for work in London, UK and across the globe. In fact, we have a very large selection of domestic couples. For example, some of the duties they perform, as partly mentioned above are:

  1. driving
  2. baby sitting
  3. housekeeping
  4. service
  5. laundry
  6. cooking
  7. gardening
  8. handy man work
  9. errands
  10. shopping

Much much more

What couples are on offer?

We have:

  1. First of all, British domestic couples
  2. Secondly, Latino domestic couples
  3. Thirdly, Filipino domestic couples
  4. Of course, Portuguese couples
  5. French speaking domestic couples
  6. Also, Spanish speaking domestic couples
  7. Russian speaking domestic couples
  8. Finally, many more nationalities
Find domestic couple London

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