Find Filipino maid London

Find Filipino maid London

Are you looking to find Filipino maid London? Look no further. We are a specialist Filipino domestic staff agency. Call us today on: +442032900142 for help fast! You can of course also email us on:

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Why use Bespoke Bureau to find Filipino maid London?

First of all, we are a local recruitment agency specialising in the placement of Filipino domestic staff. Impressively, we have been around for almost 20 years. Most our clients are repeat clients. Similarly, all candidates come to us recommended. Needless to say, we are a trusted agency. Of course, our  domestic recruitment team only introduce candidates with a high level of experience and professionalism. Moreover, we make sure that all candidates that are registered with us have a great attitude and personality. As a result, we can ensure that we match the right person with your specific requirements. Last but not least, we offer an unrivalled 6 month replacement guarantee. Not bad huh?

What makes our Filipino maids stand out?

Needless to say, our Filipino maids have long term experience working in private households such as yours. Impressively, our housekeepers are well equipped to multi task and cover most aspects of housekeeping and upkeep of your home. Aside from cleaning, laundry and babysitting, our housekeepers can deal with luxury fabrics, polishing silver, cleaning antique furniture, offer coffee and tea service and more. In fact, they even excel in meeting and greeting guests. As well as do many other unique services our discerning clients request.

Live-in Filipina housekeeper vs daily

Of course, you can opt for a live-in or daily housekeeper. Needless to say, we have both available. Both options are of course very experienced. However, there are certain advantages with having live-in help. One is that the housekeeper will get a quicker start to the day. Moreover, she will get used to your home faster. Of course, you will also build up trust with your housekeeper faster. Having said that, our live out housekeepers are also phenomenal. Therefore, if you require someone to perform daily housekeeping duties for you but you either don’t have the space for a live-in or you don’t want one, pick one of our outstanding live out Filipina housekeepers. Worth mentioning is that, you may wish to pay for a cab home for your daily housekeeper if she has been working late one evening. It’s a nice gesture.Find Filipino maid London

How much does a Filipina housekeeper London charge?

  1. In fact, daily housekeepers charge from 13GBP per hour net up to 18GBP per hour.
  2. Part time housekeepers will often charge more. Usually around 15-17 GBP per hour ish.
  3. Interestingly, live in housekeepers get paid from 500GBP net per week. They get paid up to 650-700GBP per week net.
  4. The average live in housekeeper earns 620GBP net per week. Whereas the daily housekeeper earns 735GBP net per week.
  5. Gross, that is somewhere around £28k to £70k. With the 70k being very high.
  6. Noteworthy is of course that they work extremely hard. They are worth every penny.
  7. For professional Live in Housekeepers, the cost of the accommodation provided is covered by the employer. Although being a part of the package, it will not take away from the salary.

Vetting of maids at our agency

We take a great deal of care when interviewing applicants. Importantly, our agency matches your specific needs with the housekeepers experience. Needless to say, we take up work history, references and certificates. Moreover, we check IDs and police records. We take pride in the work we do. We offer an excellent service to all our clients. Of course, we ensure that you always receive the best from us.

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