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Hire a Housekeeper

If you love the look of a clean home but don’t have time and energy required to clean it, consider hiring a housekeeper. A housekeeper from Bespoke Bureau maid agency London will help manage your housekeeping tasks. All our housekeepers are experienced, well-referenced. They are well qualified to clean and maintain the cleanliness of your home. For help today, please call our domestic staff agency on: +442032900142 or email: info@bespokebureau.com

Hire a Housekeeper

Why hire a housekeeper?

Keeping up with cleaning your home is challenging with a busy schedule. But a clean house creates a relaxing and healthy atmosphere. Keep reading if you want to hire house cleaners but aren’t sure how often. In this guide, you’ll learn how you might want to hire a housekeeper for your home. How often you hire housekeepers will depend on your needs and the size of your family. A Housekeeper can transform your space.

Regular cleaning by a housekeeper:

  • Gives you more time to spend with friends and family.
  • Means you can entertain and be proud of the way your house looks.
  • Reduce allergy symptoms by preventing the build-up of dust and other allergens.
  • Frees up time to focus on other home maintenance or cleaning tasks.
  • Reduce the risk of set-in stains from food, mold, and hard water.
  • Reduce anxiety when you receive unexpected visitors.

Duties to expect when you hire a housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper allows you to free up the time. Time that you would otherwise spend cleaning your home. Instead, you can attend to other activities. Housekeepers undertake all of the general housekeeping tasks that the owner would otherwise do. This includes light housekeeping tasks. For example, wiping down countertops and surfaces in the kitchen or the bathroom. Also, more intensive tasks like scrubbing the floors and cleaning the chandeliers. Your housekeeper’s duties will depend on how much time your housekeeper is allotted to clean your home and the arrangement you make with her (or him).Professional Housekeeper

Schedule of the housekeeper

Housekeepers may be hired to do seasonal cleaning. She or he may be hired as full-time employees or may be hired to come on a part time or weekly basis. Full-time housekeepers may live with the family or live in their own residence and commute to work each day. Full-time housekeepers are likely to have daily, weekly and monthly housekeeping tasks arranged. All to ensure the home is thoroughly cleaned and remains clean on a regular basis. Daily and weekly housekeepers tend to clean the entire home while they are there, focusing on more thorough tasks, like cleaning baseboards, on a rotating schedule.

The Housekeeper’s application

With a completed application, you’ll learn about a candidate’s experience, picture, references, training, health, family history, personality, outside interests and skills. From our personal interview of the candidate, you’ll receive our assessment of the housekeeper’s overall level of professionalism, personality and experience for your consideration. A clear Cv will be presented to you so that you can choose if this is a candidate you like the look of. From a candidate’s work history you’ll discover previous employers’ names, phone numbers and occupations, as well as details about the position the housekeeper has held.


What references say – as much as what they don’t, helps gain a better insight into the quality of a housekeeper’s previous work. Since most job applicants only provide contacts of those who will speak positively about them, it’s important to dig deep, uncover additional references and ask lots and lots of open ended and follow up questions.

Why use us to hire housekeeper?

Bespoke Bureau is a trusted domestic placement agency in London, UK that places live-in and live-out housekeepers and other domestic help on a full and part-time basis.

Rather than working from an impersonal application form, we talks at length with each client to determine the client’s specific needs. As a result, we can find the best candidate for your job. Years of experience helps in matching the appropriate domestic personnel for each individual family and their needs.


Bespoke Bureau’s service does not stop when a placement is done. Instead, after each placement, followup calls are made to make sure everyone is satisfied with their placement. And free post-placement telephone consultations are always available.

How do we find the best housekeepers?

Clients repeatedly mention how remarkably sweet and wonderful the personnel provided by us are. Unlike many other housekeeper agencies, we do not advertise. Instead, candidates are generally referred to us by people known or placed before. Birds of a feather tend to flock together. All candidates are personally interviewed face-to-face in person or by video. References are personally checked (with those references shared with you if you like).

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