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Sara Vestin Rahmani and trainee domestic staff at the agency’s academy

Do you want to hire Domestic couple? Look no further. Call us on +442032900142 or email info@bespokebureau.com We have over 80 options of top experienced domestic couples available. Of course, these couples are available to work now and needless to say, each domestic couple has passed through a hard selection process.

The Benefits of hiring a Domestic Couple

First of all, we recommend hiring a domestic couple for a vacation home or large estate. Impressively, a domestic couple will have a variety of combined skills that are useful for home and property maintenance, such as housekeeping, cooking, laundry, organizing, landscaping, and handyman duties.

What Are The Advantages?

Do you have a second or third home you need maintaining? If so, a domestic couple is probably right for you. The question many multiple-home owners ask is: “what is the best domestic staffing hire for my vacation home?”

The answer: The best choice is to hire a domestic couple.

So, why is hiring a domestic couple a better choice than a single housekeeper or butler? Or better than a houseman or single estate manager?

Well, a domestic couple is a long-term hire and usually settles into their job until the property is sold. Moreover, they are usually married with grown children and they are seeking a position to take them into retirement. Furthermore, once a domestic couple accepts a position, they often live on property or nearby and create a life for themselves. As a result, they often stay very long term.

Different types of domestic couples

Interestingly, there are two types of domestic couples. Firstly, some are in charge of cleaning, laundry, stocking, cooking and serving. Often this type of domestic couple is comprised of a housekeeper/cook and a houseman or maintenance man. Uniquely, this category of domestic couple are often able to maintain a large home together. For example, the houseman or maintenance man will take care of the landscaping, any plumbing or HVAC issues.

Moreover, he will be in charge of the structure of the home and he is able to keep the home maintained and safe, concentrating on the upkeep. Secondly, the housekeeper/cook will manage all cleaning and stocking and will cater to parties for example. Obviously, she will also help prepare, and serve meals in a formal or informal setting. One example is if there is a large dinner party, the housekeeper/cook will then assist the chef for preparation and have a strong background in formal serving.

Long hours – not a problem

Needless to say, when the family is in residence, the domestic couple of this type will work many hours and keep all aspects of a busy home running. Impressively, they will juggle all duties such as including laundry, deep cleaning, party prep, shopping, stocking, organizing, cooking, and serving. Oftentimes, the houseman may act as a chauffeur as well. Both parties are able to drive the family and any guests if this is needed.

2nd category domestic couple

The other category of domestic couple is an estate management couple. Interestingly, they typically work in larger estates overseeing staff. Oftentimes, they do not deep clean or serve but they will manage the staff in the home. For example, they will oversee schedules, organize the staff, prepare for any extra guests and dinner parties, and manage the financial aspect if needed. Typically, one member of an estate couple will often be a chef and can prepare specialty meals for guests, family, or just the principal. Usually, an estate couple may have worked on a yacht together and they will want to settle down and retire on land.

Hire household couple
Hire household couple

Why is it beneficial to hire Domestic Couple?

Firstly, you will get two equal professionals with extensive experience of working together in the hospitality industry who can bring harmony to your household and get all things in order. Obviously, the couple are usually married so you as an employer should not worry whether they would build a good team. Instead, these two have already been a team before and enjoy working together. Most of the time, couples are very experienced in a wide range of household work.

Skills of the couple

Of course, the skills and knowledge may vary from couple to couple, and they are usually very flexible regarding their duties. Also, their responsibilities might be shared in many different ways. The usual combinations are as follows: housekeeper / cook – houseman / chauffeur / gardener, private chef jobs / house manager jobs, housekeeper / nanny/ butler, cook / nanny and many more. However, a good couple is always willing to learn and adapt to their principals needs and requirements.

Obviously, one of the main advantages of a couple is that whilst they are effective team players, they can share and take new responsibilities according to the needs of the household.

Domestic couples really can make a difference for your busy life
Domestic couples really can make a difference for your busy life

2 in 1 when you hire domestic couple

Secondly, you can get all things done with the help of only two people who, on the other hand, act as one. Certainly, if we are not speaking about a large estate. Couple most of the time share the accommodation and request lower salary rather than two individual members of staff for the same responsibilities.  Needless to say, as long as the couple have days off and holidays together, they are very likely to stay and work for one family on a long-term basis, which makes them very loyal and sought-after employees.

Flexible with their hours

Moreover, people working in domestic couples jobs are more likely to be willing to work on public holidays or unsociable hours, as their family and most of the social life are inside of their work life.

Oftentimes, couples are more flexible to travel with the principals to different residencies and even worldwide. Furthermore, hiring a domestic couple will allow you to travel easily at short notice. This is because you can be sure that the couple who already became a vital part of your family will take care of everything in the house while you are absent. Besides, a couple may take care of pets as well.

Part time home owners now hire more domestic staff

Needless to say, we also think that a Domestic Couple is absolutely the best choice for your part-time residence. Certainly, if you have a holiday residence somewhere in the countryside, or a beach house, which is used for several months a year, or holidays only. Whatever your needs, a domestic couple would be perfect to help you with its maintenance. Also, you can be certain that it is secure and fully cleaned up at times when you are not there. And you will get full time high standard service during your visit.

If you consider hiring a domestic couple for your household, we are of course here to assist you. Email info@bespokebureau.com or call us today on +442032900142

How we can help you hire Domestic couple:

We have many versatile couples registered with our agency with at least 3 years experience, positive references and they would love to find a perfect household and family to work for.

  • First of all, we understand how important it is that you hire a Domestic couple that is great.
  • Secondly, we will hand pick our favourite candidate.
  • Thirdly, we will email you their details to review.
  • Moreover, we will arrange for you to meet the candidates.
  • Then we can arrange a trial for you.
  • Furthermore, will help you make an official offer.
  • Last but not least, we will give you after care and support.
    A top domestic couple can really help your life function smoother – hire domestic couple with us today
    A top domestic couple can really help your life function smoother – hire domestic couple with us today

Why we are considered the best domestic couple agency UK:

  • All our business is done via recommendation.
  • We have an experienced team of staff.
  • Our offices are centrally located.
  • We only find you the best people.
  • Our staff will care for your home.
  • When you find a domestic couple via us, you can relax.
  • Our couples take a genuine interest in your home.
  • Our domestic couple hire service is affordable.
  • The staff have VIP or royal households experience.
  • Most our domestic couples have formal qualifications and training.
  • You will get a 12 month placement guarantee with us. This is unheard of elsewhere.
Background checks when you hire domestic couple:
  • We make DBS/CRB checks on your request.
  • Of course, we provide you with previous references.
  • We will provide you with previous references.
  • We meet the staff when able to or we will interview them face to face on Skype.
  • Uniquely, all candidates we sign up have to come come recommended to us.

To summarize, a domestic couple is an excellent hire for any vacation home or large estate anywhere in the world. They maintain the property on both a micro and macro level, depending which type of domestic couple is hired. The likelihood of longevity is high. They have often relocated to live on property for the job position and typically aim to retire in a job position where they are able to work together. If you have a home or estate you need managing, we highly recommend hiring a domestic couple for peace of mind. This is the ideal domestic staffing hire for a second or third property or large estate.

Again, why hire domestic couple with us?

To re-cap, Bespoke Bureau has an extensive database of the best couples in the domestic staffing industry. Moreover, we have couples who are butlers and housekeepers, housekeepers and housemen, estate managers, and chefs and many other roles rolled into one. As we have offices in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Beach we can staff any vacation home and estate, almost anywhere in the world.

For sure, a busy household with significant demands, will eventually need  professional help. Needless to say, if you are planning on getting professional staff to handle lots of duties and responsibilities in your not very large property but you do not want to overcrowd it with too many people, do consider hiring a domestic couple as they would be a perfect fit for you.

Contact us to hire domestic couple:

Give us a ring on +442032900142 or email us on info@bespokebureau.com.

Hire domestic couple with us – like the picture displays, they can act valet for you as well as many other roles.
Hire domestic couple with us – like the picture displays, they can act valet for you as well as many other roles.

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