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Hospitality Service Training

Contact us on +442032900142 or for more information on how to book your Hospitality Service Training with us. Hospitality Service CompanyOur Hotel Staff Training teachers travel to your venue to carry out the training all year around.

Hospitality Service Training with us – why?

Impressively, our hospitality course teaches you all the skills and knowledge you need to provide exceptional restaurant, hotel or private home guest. By completing this training, you will have the confidence and expertise needed to provide outstanding service, learning how to cater to the needs of every customer and adapt yourself to every situation.

  • Get certified fast
  • Training costs as little as 800GBP plus VAT per day for groups. Even less for individuals.
  • Our teachers travel to you all year around.

Our winning concept

Here are 7 key points in our training philosophy and methods. Needless to say, our training covers all or part of the below topics. You decide what you want it to cover.

1. Orientation

Like in most industries, training in the hospitality industry begins at orientation. Of course, it’s crucial to have an orientation session to introduce new hires to company culture and guidelines. Needless to say, orientation sets the groundwork for all that’s to come, and should be an overview of:

  • Brand story: How was the company founded? What is its mission? What makes it different from other hotels or restaurants? Equip employees to be brand ambassadors
  • HR admin: Collect paperwork and go over benefits
  • Employee resources: Set expectations by reviewing staff guidelines, dress code, etc.

A comprehensive orientation will set your hospitality industry training off on the right foot.

2. Employee handbook

Importantly, new team members should be given access to an employee handbook at orientation. Make the handbook comprehensive by including instructions for every role so that employees can cross-train or jump into another role if someone is out.

The handbook is useful as both an initial training tool and as a reference guide, so make it easily accessible to employees by:

  • Having paper copies available in the back office at each location
  • Emailing a digital version of the handbook to all existing employees
  • Keeping digital copies on a dedicated drive (Google, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Notifying employees of the handbooks’ accessibility through your company’s digital communication channels (e.g. Slack, social media, 7shifts Announcements)

Of course, when team members can easily access the employee handbook, they’ll be more likely to adhere to company guidelines.

3. Technology

These days, technology is an important part of the hospitality industry, and it’s what keeps operations efficient. Therefore, when employees know how to use it effectively by making technology training part of the on boarding process.

Even with hospitality experience, new hires may not be familiar with the latest hospitality technologies. For example, touchpad POS systems, app-based team communication tools, and scheduling tools.

Follow these steps to ensure that your staff know how to use your hotel or restaurant’s tech tools properly:
  • First of all, give a live training session using the software
  • Secondly, provide employees with any training material or resources from the technology provider
  • Thirdly, include instructions and troubleshooting in your employee handbook
  • Finally, keep all technology training and instructional material available on the company’s dedicated cloud drive

When employees know how to use hospitality technology properly, they’ll be able to perform more efficiently.

4. Shadowing

Importantly, don’t put new staff on the front lines without having them shadow more experienced employees first. Of course, reading about how to be a server or front desk manager is different from experiencing it. Smartly, shadowing lets new hires see their training in the hospitality industry put into action in a low-pressure situation.

Create shadowing requirements based on the complexity of skills that need to be mastered and employee experience. For example, a newbie housekeeper may need to shadow a veteran housekeeper for 20 hours, while an experienced housekeeper may only need five hours of shadowing to master the hotel’s processes.

Create assessments at the end of each shadowing program so that new hires can exhibit what they’ve learned. If they haven’t mastered all of the skills necessary to complete the job yet, they’ll need to spend more time shadowing an experienced staff member.

5. Manager coaching

The manager as a coach is a new concept in leadership. Obviously, it helps to create a workplace in which employees see managers as coaches who observe their performance to help them improve, rather than critical, unapproachable bosses.

Importantly, if you’re a manager, make subtle mindset shifts to coach your team. Inspire your employees by asking the right questions and providing feedback. In fact, just like an athletic coach, a manager coach watches team members to see how they’re performing individually and as a team to improve outcomes for both.

6. Courses

Of course, continuing training and education is the key to keeping hospitality skills fresh. Needless to say, when you invest in your staff’s professional development, you make them feel like valued members of your team. Obviously, this in turn decreases employee turnover. As a result, you will get more profit.

Create a professional development budget and let staff use it for courses and conferences that will sharpen their skills.

7. Monitoring

Also, make sure to continually monitor staff performance and progress to see who might need further hospitality industry training. It’s absolutely vital to prevent staff from becoming disengaged from their work – aside from anything else, staff turnover is incredibly expensive!

Our courses are developed to teach your team to be:

  • first of all, connected
  • secondly, committed
  • obviously, great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • systematic.
  • importantly, consistent.
  • last but not least, able to get enjoyment out of service.

Butler department set up help teaches emotional intelligence

Obviously, we cannot stress the importance of Emotionally Intelligent and Spirited Staff and to get a perfect service team you need staff with training, understanding and common sense. Therefore, all service staff must have emotional intelligence and this means intuitive people sense, empathy, and genuineness.

Up your ratings on trip advisor with our Butler department set up help

Needless to say, all the top rating hotels on trip advisor are up there due to their level of service. Of course, this is the ONE most important factor in guest satisfaction. Even much more important than state of the art design. In order to offer good service you need good staff and to get good staff you need systems, training and quality control. As a result, our training is developed to offer exactly that. Finally, we will see that your team are:

  • of five-star standard when we leave
  • able to think things through before acting
  • have a sense of priority
  • able to pay attention to detail
  • able to follow-through
  • highly efficient
  • caring
Theory but mostly practical training

Interestingly, we run our courses with theory and practical elements. Also, we do role play and group work. Moreover, you get assessed as you go along and a few examples of what you can expect to get:

Sample topics with us:
  • Food and Beverage excellence
  • Protocol and Etiquette
  • Concierge training
  • Hotel Butler excellence
  • Guest etiquette
  • Setting up a Butler department
  • Setting the Scene
  • First Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Guest Arrival
  • Garment Care and Laundry (Valeting)
  • Table Setting
  • Silver Service

Our training for service staff is designed to ensure that the level of training meets the service needs of the hotel. The program will be tailored to the specific needs of your hotel or resort.

How to book

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