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Hotel Butler Training

Now that you have found us, our Hotel Staff Training is sure to help you.  As a matter of fact, our excellent Hotel Butler Training uniquely travel across the globe to do conduct training for a range of 5 star establishments. To summarise, we conduct Butler training for corporate and private settings, hotels, private houses and other establishments.

Additionally, we have teachers who travel all around the year to you. Correspondingly, they can come to you for a short or long period. Contact us for more information on how our Hotel Butler Training works on: +442032900142 or 

The British Butler Academy – Hotel Butler Training

  1. First off, we are the most successful of all Butler training companies.
  2. Secondly, we offer award-winning training formulas to get your team to be no less than perfect.
  3. We are an accredited School with an outstanding reputation.
  4. Moreover, our courses are popularly booked with resorts and Hotels across the globe.

The Bespoke programs

Our sum up, our EliteHotel Butler Training Teachers focus on:

  • Allowing the students to feel comfortable and confident in their roles.
  • Getting the best our all students.
  • Hygiene standard and personal presentation
  • Communication skills and cultural differences
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Posture and dress code
  • Etiquette & Service language excellenceLast but not least: much much more.

Hotel Butler Training – What is the role of the Hotel Staff?

Train to become an Elite Butler with The British Butler Academy
Train to become an Elite Butler with The British Butler Academy

Needless to say, it is the hotel staff’s responsibility to understand the guests needs. Obviously, this can be a tall order and requires:

  1. confidence
  2. patience
  3. training excellence.

The staff will need to be able to problem solve. To think one step ahead. Because we focus on practical elements and repetition on the courses we run, your staff are sure to reach new heights.

Who can book with us?

First of all, Hotels and Resorts can book this course. Secondly, we welcome all other businesses or establishments looking for top training for their service staff. Furthermore, we offer the course in different levels depending on the skills and experience of your staff. Lastly, we will teach the team how to work together and give excellent service for your discerning clientage.

Hotel Staff Training Provider – Get your Staff to the top
Hotel Staff Training Provider – Get your Staff to the top

Service training that will keep you going for years

Uniquely, we also offer a ‘Train the trainer’ program. To sum up, this includes an option to train a manager at your premises in order for you to deliver on-site training for your staff, yourself in the future. In conclusion, we will offer you a way to continue performing, reviewing and educating your team on an ongoing basis. Moreover, we can also come back and visit you several times every year to make sure that the level of service is kept high at all times.

Where is the training held?

  1. In the same fashion that we make tailored course, our Hotel Butler Training is delivered at your premises usually.
  2. Similarly, you can opt to have your course run at our premises or another chosen place.
    Call on Bespoke Bureau’s services today!
    Call on Bespoke Bureau’s services today!

Why book our course instead of choosing another provider?

Needless to say, excellent hotel service is hard to find these days. With that in mind, we have developed a fail a safe method to make sure you offer total guest satisfaction for your upmarket clientage. Similarly to the high standards of your guests, they expect you to offer them a unique service. Correspondingly, your service team must be the best of the best. Uniquely, our Hotel service training course has more excellent references from previous clients than any other training provider in luxury service.

To sum up: Hotel Butler Training courses will teach your service team to be:

  • connected
  • committed
  • great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • run from the top down.
  • systematic.
  • consistent.
  • able to get enjoyment out of service.

Up your ratings with our Hotel Butler Training

As a matter of fact, all top rating hotels and 5 star service establishments have one thing in common: great service. In conclusion, this is the ONE most important factor in guest satisfaction. It is much more important than state of the art design for example. In essence, to offer good service, you need good staff. Correspondingly, to get good staff you need training. For this reasons, our training is ideal. In order to ensure total guest satisfaction for your establishment, we have developed a fail safe training method for your staff to hit the ground running.

Ultimately, we will see that your team are:
  • of five-star standard
  • confident in providing Elite guest service
  • confident, thinking things through before acting
  • have a sense of priority
  • able to pay attention to detail
  • able to follow-through
  • highly efficient
  • caring
    Student at the academy
    Student at the academy
Sample modules on the courses offered by our Hotel Butler Training programmes:
  • Service language
  • Front of house excellence
  • Arrival & departure
  • Food and beverage excellence
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Concierge training
  • Hotel Butler excellence
  • Guest service etiquette
  • Setting up a Butler department
  • First Impressions
  • Body Language & Eye contact
  • Garment Care and Laundry (Valeting)
  • Table service
  • Silver service and much more.

As can be seen above, we have designed the course with your guests’ satisfaction in mind.

Book your Hotel Butler Training with us today!
Book your Hotel Butler Training with us today!

How to book with one of the Training companies hotel staff

Contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on for more information

Finally, we welcome you to watch a video from our training here

Thank you!

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