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House Manager training

First of all, book our House Manager training today. Needless to say, we are considered the best and we travel to you to train you or your staff. Of course, unrivalled attention to detail can be expected on all our courses. Contact us for prices and more info: +442032900142 or

House Manager trainingApplication to the House Manager training course

Impressively, we accept applications to the training all year around. Please contact the office on for more information. Of course, we will guide you to a course that suits you and make sure you get booked in.

Read about our course founder Sara Vestin Rahmani and The British Butler Academy in the press.

What is included at the House Manager training course?

First of all, our training is mostly practical. Moreover, we have theoretical elements. Also, you will be assessed as you go. Finally, you will get a glossy certificate at the end of the course.

How does it work?

First of all, our House Manager training training is exactly what it says on the tin, private, bespoke, and tailor-made. Obviously, you decide the days/hours/location (often in-situ when the principal is not at home) and we choose the right teacher depending on the areas of expertise that are required to be improved.

Secondly, our teacher will turn up on the agreed day to work with the individual (or group) and work through the specific aspects that require improvement. Obviously, our training is conducted with hands on practical training. Our teachers understand that English may not be the first spoken language of their students and are open to different styles and approaches to learning.

Thirdly, our in-situ training gives the student a setting suitable to ask questions that they might have felt otherwise embarrassed to ask their employer or manager. Your housekeeper’s skills will develop in a surprisingly fast pace.

Read about our course founder Sara Vestin Rahmani and The British Butler Academy in the press.

Get ahead of the game with us

Needless to say, we use only the highest standard of trainers on our house manager training. Of course, our teachers have worked for many years in the profession.  On the whole, our training has time and again showed what a good investment it is to train your staff. Furthermore, we visit multiple clients homes, yachts, chalets and hotels all year around. As a result of the training we offer, the highest level of housekeeping is met around the world. Obviously,  if you have any questions, drop us a line today and tell us how we can help you further.

  1. Uniquely, The British Butler Academy offer award-winning Butler training service staff
  2. Also, we run training courses in all Private Service and Corporate Luxury Service settings.
  3. Moreover, we are an accredited School with an outstanding reputation.
  4. By the same token, our butler training is popular with resorts and Hotels across the world.
  5. As a result, you or your staff will become part of the elite’s elite.

When and where is the House Manager training held?

  • In your work place or in your home
  • All year around.

Find work after the house management training

Interestingly, we place good students in jobs when we can.  Of course, we are also a London based domestic staff recruitment agency. Finally, we have have clients all over the world looking for butlers from us.

When do you run the House Manager training course?

  • All year around.
  • We also travel to you if you prefer.
  • Individual courses offered.

Do I need this training?

Well, Training at the front end of any career, and ongoing until the day we retire, is a given for butlers and household or estate(s) managers today.

Of course, back in the old days, the only house management and butler training route was on-the-job training. Also, apprenticeship that was hands-on heavy, light on theory, and limited in scope. Then, the methods were focused manual skills and not much in the way of managerial expertise.

Needless to say, the advantages of training with us are many.

Impressively, we include:

  • working with peers
  • face-to-face tutorials
  • field trips
  • and often, placement efforts upon graduation.

Live courses on offer – a way to save money

The other route to take, perhaps more in tune with the digital world in which we live, is online courses. Impressively, we offer live one-on-one courses online for you.

The benefit with a house manager online course is that the fee is a lot lower than that of residential training for example. We offer training from 400GBP plus VAT per day online.

An independent survey on linked in was conducted recently into preferred training methods, which is well worth reviewing. Interestingly, key points established were:

  • First of all, only about 50% of people feel they have the learning opportunities they need in their work;
  • Also, people like to learn at home more than anywhere else;
  • Furthermore, if they have a choice between learning on computers, tablets, mobile phones or reading a printed document, they pick a computer.
  • Uniquely, the preferred duration for learning is 16-30 minutes, by a very large margin;
  • Last but not least, learning opportunities are critical to job satisfaction.

Furthermore, according to the survey results, people most desire self-paced learning and to put information into practice immediately. Also, anyone who has done a House Manager raining course offered by us, knows that’s exactly the way our training was conducted.

Last but not least, contact us on for more info on our House Manager training today!


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Thank you ever so much. Best wishes from Sara Vestin Rahmani and The British Butler Academy

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