Housekeeper laundry training

Housekeeper laundry training

For Housekeeper laundry training, please contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on

Uniquely, Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy run specialist Housekeeper laundry training courses. Moreover, we travel to you to carry out the training.

Housekeeper training in London with us

Impressively, whether you are based in London or elsewhere, we will come to you. Needless to say, our exclusive Housekeeper training courses have become very popular with households. Those who want their housekeepers to be the best, book our training. We run 1-3 day laundry courses that will teach your housekeeper basic or advanced skills. Of course, we also run courses in all other types of housekeeping. Long and short courses are on offer. Last but not least, we offer private or group training.

The curriculum

During the program, students will have both theoretical and hands-on classes but mostly practical tuition as this is the best way to learn.

The subjects taught will include, but are not limited to:

  • First of all, understanding Personal Hygiene
  • Secondly, laundry tools required today
  • Thirdly, laundry products
  • Dealing with speciality items such as silk, velvet, curtains and rugs
  • Also, time management
  • Hand washing skills
  • Machine management
  • Moreover, drying management
  • Valeting
  • Wardrobe management
  • Care of fine fabrics
  • Finally, understanding the value of haute couture

Housekeeper training courseAdvanced Housekeeper laundry training

This course is designed for a variety of people. We mostly train:

  • Private housekeepers
  • Hotel housekeepers
  • Hotel maids
  • House wives
  • Butlers
  • House Managers

The courses take place in central London at our mansion. We can come to you.

The Housekeeper laundry training course aim

We wish to teach you everything you need to know about laundry in private houses or for 5 star hotels.

How the Housekeeper training works

During the program, students have classroom training but mainly hands on training. We think it is important to teach you the skills of a first class housekeeper. This is done by working and practising in small groups in a real life luxury setting.  About 70% of the training is role play.

What certificate will I gain?

Sara Vestin Rahmani is our owner and hires housekeepers herself
Sara Vestin Rahmani is our owner and hires housekeepers herself

All our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate. You get the option to become accredited with us. Our certificates are recognised globally. At our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done well.

How to book the Housekeeper Training Course

Contact us on +442032900142 or email us on to book this popular training or if you are looking to find silver service course.

Thank you!

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