Housekeeper training course

Bespoke Bureau is one of the world’s largest training schools that run a professional Housekeeper training course. The course is available for residential housekeeper professionals or anyone who wants to learn how to clean like a professional.  Established in 2003, Bespoke Bureau has quickly grown into a global educator with students in London, the rest of the UK, Europe, Middle East and the USA.

Housekeeper training

Housekeeper training

We would love to hear from you so call us today: +442032900142 or via for a full calendar of our housekeeping training courses.

We work with Individual Students and groups to teach or improve skills in the competitive residential housekeeper and cleaning industry.  

Interestingly, we run popular House cleaning training courses. In fact, our teacher travels to you to conduct the training. The Housekeeper Training program has a modular design that is carefully developed by us in house. The program can either be taught in one go or in separate modules.

Housekeeper Training Course with us

Our on-site service means that anyone, anywhere in the world can book with us. We will undoubtedly provide the correct training to match your specific needs. Uniquely, the program can either be taught in one go or in separate modules. Correspondingly, we tailor-make each course suitable for its participants. In fact, we have developed a fail proof model to satisfy your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering unique courses, where you’ll learn the most up-to-date cleaning methods that work, proven by top luxury interior professionals who truly care about the finer details – you could be laundering table linens or cleaning stone surfaces that are worth more than a car, so extra care needs to be taken.Hire a Housekeeper

Some example modules on our housekeeper training course:

We have some 20+ standard modules for you to choose from when booking a housekeeper training course with us. However, you can also just tell us what your unique needs are, and we will deliver a course tailored to those exact needs.

Here are some sample modules Each module has some 10 elements to it. Also, when booking, you will be provided with a PDF handbook with each corresponding module in text.

  1. Module 1 – Introduction – The private home
  2. Module 4 – Housekeeping Tools & Supplies
  3. Module 6 – Different floorings
  4. Module 8 – Rooms & Areas of the private home
  5. Module 10 – Special cleaning & care
  6. Module 12 – The safe and healthy housekeeper
  7. Module 13 – Finishing touches
  8. Module 15 – Mastering the art of laundry
  9. Module 16 – Wardrobe Management

We will Tailor-make your ideal course

On the whole, as our name Bespoke Bureau suggests, we are a bespoke company. This means that we put together packages of the style and length most suitable for your specific needs. We uniquely deliver the training course at your own venue. Moreover, the course content can be decided by you or we can help. Additionally, you choose how long or short you want the course to be.

We Train all level students

Usually, we train housekeepers with some previous experience. However, we are equally happy to train beginners. Regardless of the level, we use methods which will include everything it takes for the students to become great. Identically, we see to the needs of each student and work with them individually.

Who can book with Housekeeping Training ProviderOur Housekeeper training is considered the best

  1. First of all, our customers consist of the world’s best run 5 star hotels and HNW people. Moreover, most of the training we do is for Hotels wanting to up their game.
  2. Home owners
  3. Thirdly, luxury retailers from around the world use us to train their staff to create an appealing interior and hygienic environment for their Elite customers.
  4. Last but not least, we train individual people wishing to work as housekeepers or excel in their jobs.

Save Time and Money, Cleaning Your Home yourself

Learning to clean your own home can be a lifetime benefit for yourself.  If you want your home to look professionally cleaned, in the shortest amount of time, you will learn those skills here.

Many homeowners hire housekeepers because they don’t want to spend their entire day cleaning their homes. Housekeepers hired from our company can clean a 3,500 sq ft home from top to bottom, including mopping floors, in 4-6 hours, by themselves. Save time and money by learning how to clean your own home.

Cost of our housekeeper training courses:

Pricing start at 750GBP plus VAT per person and day. Group training start at 1050GBP plus VAT per day.

Contact us:

As seen above, our training program is extensive. We are sure that you will be satisfied when you book your training with us.

Finally, we would love to hear from you so please contact us: or call +442032900142

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