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Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy offer housekeeper training LA where the teacher comes to you to do in-house training with your staff. Needless to say, we also offer Butler and service training in households. Call or email us today to book: +442032900142 or on: 

Housekeeper training

Housekeeper training

Why housekeeper training LA with us?

Interestingly, we are hired to train domestic staff in housekeeping in LA. The reasons why VIP homes book us for these type of housekeeping courses are many. To name a few:

  1. It is often as cheap to fly a specialist teacher from the UK as it is flying someone in from another state.
  2. We have more experience in housekeeper training than most other companies. We have been running for 21 years this year (2024) and our teachers have decades of experience in the field.
  3. Known as world leaders in Housekeeping and Service training.
  4. Our teachers are specialist British or European house managers with years and years of experience in the field.
  5. Our teachers make the training fun.
  6. Your staff will get certified straight away.
  7. We keep in touch with our clients even after the training.
  8. 20+ housekeeping training modules to choose from.

The cost

Our daily training rate start at 1050GBP per day plus VAT (20%). You also have to pay for the teachers travel, food, accommodation (hotel or in your house) and transfer (economy flight is ok).

Included in the price is putting together a training course unique to you

  • Theoretical elements
  • On site practical training
  • Discussions
  • Report after
  • Follow up support
  • 250+ page handbook in housekeeping
  • PDF certificates
  • Housekeeper Training LA – who is it for?

Housekeeper training is a must for all individuals interested in advancing their housekeeping skillset. Cleaning a house doesn’t just involve doing the standard dusting and vacuuming. Instead, it involves a clear understanding of objects and surfaces and knowing exactly what products work best on which surfaces. Moreover, it also means being an excellent organizer and having great attention to detail. Also, a top housekeeper will know how to maintain a house and to be more involved with the running of a VIP house. When you invest in your housekeepers to do further education and training, they will become more confident and equipped to care for your home and your most precious belongings.

We send teachers to:

  • VIP homes
  • 5 star hotels
  • Luxury yachts
  • Other high-end environments needing to train their housekeepers

What is the housekeeper training about?

When booking our housekeeper training, we will put you in direct touch with the teacher who will listen to and take onboard your specific household requirements. Following that, we will put together a training plan unique to you and your home.

The training we offer is more advanced because your housekeeper will probably already have the basic cleaning skills needed. Instead, we will teach them to advance their skills. Moreover, the training will teach them how to create schedules, to have more advanced responsibilities, control household inventory but also to learn advanced methodologies for cleaning.

Executive Housekeeper and House Management training

We also run training for Executive housekeepers and House Managers.

An Executive Housekeeper or a House Manager is involved in everything from choosing the right housekeeping team to training them on site. Trained Executive Housekeepers learn to ensure the house runs smoothly and that their staff housekeepers are guided every step of the way with daily operations, weekly checklists. It is important to know which rooms need to be deep cleaned versus light cleaned and how often per week each type of cleaning occurs. Staff housekeepers are supervised by their Executive Housekeeper  or House Manager to understand surface descriptions and ways to care for these properly.

Modules on offer

As mentioned before, we tailor the training to your exact needs. We do, however have a standard scope of modules and they are listed here. Pick and choose as you see fit. All modules are covered in a PDF handbook which you will also receive by email when you book the housekeeper training with us.

  1. Module 1 – Introduction – The private home
  2. Module 2 – The Professional housekeeper
  3. Module 3 – Systematic Housekeeping
  4. Module 4 – Housekeeping Tools & Supplies
  5. Module 5 – Housekeeping techniques
  6. Module 6 – Different floorings
  7. Module 7 – Cleaning Fixed Interiors
  8. Module 8 – Rooms & Areas of the private home
  9. Module 9 – Exterior Care & Maintenance
  10. Module 10 – Special cleaning & care
  11. Module 11 – Polish perfection
  12. Module 12 – The safe and healthy housekeeper
  13. Module 13 – Finishing touches
  14. Module 14 – The VIP home
  15. Module 15 – Mastering the art of laundry
  16. Module 16 – Wardrobe Management
  17. Module 17 – The Elite Housekeeper
  18. Module 18 – Napkin folding & Flower Arranging
  19. Module 19 – Hotel Housekeeping

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