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Housekeeper training London

Interestingly, The British Butler Academy offers exclusive Housekeeper training London. So, to book, please contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on

Uniquely, this training will teach, refresh or speed up your housekeeping and cleaning skills. Needless to say, it will make you more efficient and professional. Similarly, it will make you more attractive to current and future employers. Impressively, The housekeeper training certificate is developed by The British Butler Academy and endorsed by the British Butler Association. Interestingly, during the program, students will have mainly hands-on practical training. Of course, we think it is important to teach you the skills of a first class housekeeper. And this is achieved by working and practicing in small groups in a real life setting.

Housekeeper training

Housekeeping training London content

Uniquely, The Academy offers a wide range of modules for our students to choose from. Of course, you can choose to book all modules or just the ones you need. Moreover, we also tailor make training for your specific needs. Needless to say, no booking is too small or too large. Typically, we are able to cover 2-3 modules in one day. Sometimes more if the training is just for one individual. Therefore, to cover all modules, you will typically need 5-6 days.

A snap shot of the modules we offer at the housekeeper training in London

Basic Modules

1 – Introduction – The private home

2 – The professional housekeeper

3 – Systematic Housekeeping

4 – Housekeeping Tools & Supplies

5 – Housekeeping techniques

6 – Different floorings

7 – Cleaning Fixed Interiors

8 – Rooms & Areas of the private home

9 – Exterior Care & Maintenance

More Advanced modules

10 – Special cleaning & care

11 – Polish perfection

12 – The safe and healthy housekeeper

13 – Finishing touches

Most advanced modules

14 – The VIP home

15 – Mastering the art of laundry

16 – Wardrobe Management

17 – The Elite Housekeeper

18 – Napkin folding

19 – The Hotel Housekeeper

What certificate will I gain at the housekeeper training?

Needless to say, all our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate and possibly a reference. Additionally, you may also get the option to become assessed with us for an extra cost. Impressively, our housekeeper training certificates are recognized globally. Moreover, at our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done particularly well.

Where are the Housekeeper courses held?

In fact, we travel to you. Actually, we can come to your home, work-place or Yacht. Moreover, individuals can also sometimes book video conference training but we recommend doing the training live with a teacher.

Housekeeper Training
Housekeeper training

Who is Housekeeper Training suitable for?

Actually, we run 2 types of courses in 2 different settings.

Level 1 & 2

1. Basic for entry level for beginners. Usually this training is booked by individuals or Hotels in need to train new staff.

2. Advanced housekeeper training designed for housekeepers already industry. Interestingly, this is suitable for staff looking to excel in their jobs. Moreover, it is also suitable for employers/hotels/yachts looking to refresh the skills of their housekeepers.

Setting 1

First of all, we come to your home or place of work.  Impressively, the teacher will travel to an individuals home and conduct the training at your home premises. Interestingly, this option is available both for individuals booking private training as well as employers wanting to up the skills of their current housekeeper/housekeepers.

Setting 2

Secondly, we come to your hotel or yacht. The setting is ideal as the students get to practice in real lie situ and can thus, quickly excel. In these housekeeper training courses, we often train groups. Maximum group per teacher is 10 students.

Noteworthy is that during all our training courses, students will study practical elements mainly. Hands-on classes with real life scenarios. There is of course an element of theory also but the idea is that practise makes perfect.

How much is housekeeper training?

In fact, pricing start at 500GBP per day plus VAT.
Group training start at 800GBP per day plus VAT.
Enquire within for more details, deals and offers.

How can I book Housekeeper training London or elsewhere?

Last but not least, contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on

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