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Silver Service - Learn this unique skill

Uniquely, Silver Service Training with The British Butler Academy will teach you or your service staff to be the best. Interestingly, we will teach the techniques and etiquette to enable them to provide the best possible service to you or your guests. Impressively, we offer service training courses for all service staff such as: Stewardesses, Waitresses, Housekeepers, Butlers, and Hotel Staff. Of course, anyone else looking to find a silver service training course is welcome too. We travel across the UK and around the globe. Last but not least, we provide a hands-on, practical and fun training course.

Silver Service Training

Silver service training student taking exact table setting measures

Silver service training for all service staff

First of all, learning Silver Service is ideal for domestic staff, hotel, restaurant and yacht staff. Secondly, anyone else who wants to become an elite waiter as part of their job should book this training. Thirdly, a high percentage of today’s hospitality staff need this skill. Also, it is the most sought after service skill there is. Although silver service is an old fashioned type of service, it is popular. Needless to say, with this skill on your CV, new doors will open and higher paid jobs may be in short reach. Last but not least, let our specialist teachers show you all the tricks and tools of the trade.

A clip from our silver service training

Train in Silver Service – Why?

  • First of all, you will master the technical skills to carry out silver service.
  • Moreover, you will learn how to carry and clear with style and finesse. Present and Serve wine correctly.
  • Also, know when and where to apply different styles of service, protocol & etiquette.
  • Last but not least, become a polished professional!

Training content

We offer a wide range of service training modules. To cover all modules, an individual will need 2-3 days. For a group, this training typically takes 4-5 days. Here is a snap shot of what is on offer on the silver service training,:

  • The history of silver service
  • Of course, service etiquette
  • Personal presentation
  • Equipment and menu knowledge
  • Main rules of food, wine and beverage service
  • Importantly, protocol & etiquette
  • Different types and styles of service
  • Preparation and maintenance of areas and equipment pertaining to service
  • Table set up
  • Set up & carrying of trays, salvers and glasses
  • Silver service
  • Plate service
  • Carrying and clearing procedures
  • Last but not least, service sequence

Where are the silver service courses held?

Uniquely, we travel to you. In fact, we can come to your home, work-place, hotel, restaurant or Yacht. As a matter of fact, individuals can also book video conference training. However, we recommend doing the training live with a teacher as this is a very hands-on skill.

Take a look at the training we do on our video page:

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What certificate will I gain when training in silver service?

Of course, all our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate. Additionally, you may also get the option to become assessed with us for an extra cost. Impressively, our certificates are recognised globally. Moreover, at our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done particularly well.

Silver service training with Bespoke Bureau

Silver service training

Training set-up

We run 2 types of courses in silver service:

1. Private tuition where the teacher comes to you or your place of work.

3. Tailor-made group training at your premises. This option is available to hotels and other corporate settings.

Noteworthy is that, in all instances, we come to you! Importantly, during our silver service training courses, students will conduct in hands on practical training. We will of course offer theory as we go as well. Last but not least, every student will get their own PDF handbook to keep.

Who can book the silver service training?

Uniquely, our silver service training is available for those wanting to enter the service industry. It is also available for those already working in the private service industry. Interestingly, this is your chance to gain a 5 star service attitude and skill set. Moreover, we will turn you in to the ideal silver service provider. Also, we make sure all students are top trained when they lease. Importantly, it is our aim at the academy for you to have a good time whilst learning. Finally, our teachers are top trained and have at least 10 years experience in the field.

How long does it take to train in silver service?

Typically, it will take an individual 2-3 days to master this unique skill. If you are a beginner and have never worked as a waiter or in any other service field, the training may take a few more days.

Instead, for groups, we recommend 4-5 days training in order to achieve perfection.

How much is the silver service training?

In fact, pricing start at as little as 500GBP per day plus VAT.
Group training start at 800GBP per day plus VAT.
Enquire within for more details, deals and offers.

How can I book the silver service course?

Contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on

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