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MBA – The Maternity and Baby Academy & Peek-a-boo Childcare are now part of The Bespoke Bureau Ltd.  Aside from recruiting the best child carers, we offer superb maternity nurse training courses. Our courses are developed with OCN London and we are a recognised learning centre. Our Maternity nurse training is offered on a one-to-one basis. The teacher will come to you, your place of work or train you over video conference.

Our acclaimed Maternity Nurse Training courses provide those wanting to become Maternity Nurses or those already working with babies an opportunity to further their skills.

Maternity Nurse Training

Maternity nurse training course

Whats on offer?

We have 4 main modules but the training is tailored to your exact needs. After discussing with you, we will determine what you need to learn and over how many days.

Module 1:
Breast/bottle feeding/weaning

Module 2:
General newborn care

Module 3:
Routine in newborns

Module 4:
Sleep training

The below topics are usually covered:

What certificate will I gain?

All our students will receive a certificate upon successful completion. Our certificates are recognised globally. At our discretion we will also write references. These are for the students that have done exceptionally well.

Will you find me work after I train with you?

We are also a recruitment agency and this means that we may be able to find you work or an internship after you train with us if you have done amazingly well. We have a range of available jobs across the globe.

Maternity nurse London Training

Maternity Nurse London Training

How does the Maternity Nurse training work?

The training is held on a private basis where the teacher comes to you or does video conference training with you.

During our training courses, students will conduct in hands on practical training. We will of course offer theory as well and every student will get their own PDF handbook to keep.

Who can book Maternity Nurse Training?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in working with babies.

During the course, we focus on how to care for babies and families. There are many ways you can use the skills you will learn during this course, including:

• Working in the community with the mothers, perhaps as a childcare professional or health professional.
• Working as a Nanny where the employer may be having a baby and you want to develop your knowledge in this area.
• Working as a Night Nanny – solely wanting to support parents and babies overnight.
• Working as a Maternity Nurse caring for newborns
• Increase your general knowledge so that you can support a member of your family who is having a baby.

What is a maternity nurse?

For many new parents, a Maternity Nurse is the shining light at the end of the tunnel! Often qualified but more importantly, very experienced in the care of postnatal mothers and newborn babies. A maternity Nurse is skilled in supporting, caring for and teaching new parents how to care for their newborn baby while also allowing parents the time to rest and recover from the birth of their baby.

Whether baby is breast or bottle fed, a Maternity Nurse will advise and carry out all duties relating to the care of mother and baby during those first crucial weeks following the birth. She will perform “nursery duties” meaning she will take care of all aspects of the baby’s care including washing of baby items and keeping the nursery and feeding equipment clean and tidy. Some parents may simply require the help of a Maternity Nurse to “take over” when they need a rest so it depends on the individual requirements of the family when it comes to the specific duties.

A Maternity Nurse usually lives-in and is on duty 24 hours a day up to six days a week. That said, it is important that your Maternity Nurse is allowed to have sufficient breaks to enable her to catch up on her own sleep, ensuring that she is fit and well enough to care for your baby while on duty.

We have great maternity nurses on our books.

How much is Maternity Nurse Training?

Pricing start at 400GBP per day plus VAT.
Enquire within for more details, deals and offers.

How to book the Maternity Nurse Training?

Contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on

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