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Housekeeping Agency in London

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In brief, come to our housekeeper agency London and hire the best housekeepers in London and the UK. Needless to say, we have a vast variety of housekeeper options to suit just what you need. A lot of people get confused over domestic staff job titles. These days, most domestic staff can be employed in conjunction with other roles. In fact, the most typical combinations of domestic staff are to mix House managers, Butlers, PA’s, Nannies, Drivers and Chefs. Noteworthy, gone are the days when people hired one staff for each role. Still, most people hire housekeepers more than any other domestic staff.Housekeeping Agency in London-We provide the best housekeepers

Housekeeping Agency in London – We provide the best housekeepers

Housekeeper with the Housekeeping Agency in London

Interestingly, a housekeeper is a person who is hired to provide professional domestic services. A housekeeper’s typical duties are cleaning, laundry, and sometimes cooking and errands. Usually only wealthy households employ full-time domestic workers such as housekeepers. However, many dual-income upper and middle class families instead hire the services of a housekeeper for periodic household cleaning. Of course, employing a full-time housekeeper is considered a luxury by many. Interestingly, having a live-in housekeeper involves providing room and board in addition to a weekly or monthly salary. Furthermore, a full-time housekeeper usually does not have any involvement with children in the household. However, some of them have childcare experience and also baby sit or do nannies work.

The Great British Housekeeper from our Agency in London

Uniquely, our housekeepers are the backbones of England’s fabulous mansions and estates. Obviously, a beautifully cared-for home is the work of one or more Housekeepers. A Housekeeper’s tasks entail all the facets of serving a wealthy employer. In fact, the housekeeper will be keeping your home in such a way that it will not just be clean and neat, but it will also shine. In fact, it will shine in a way that only a well-cared for home can and be protected from damage.

Experienced and qualified home staff at our popular recruitment service in London

Excellent housekeepers will have at least 5 years of experience or professional training at our Housekeeper training.

Responsibilities – First of all. The Bespoke Agency Housekeeper does anything necessary to maintain an impeccable appearance in a home. Also, to ensure the value of the possessions trusted in their care. Secondly, they should know how to care for the many expensive, if not priceless, materials and possessions in the home, as well as what should be cared for only by professional experts. Some of these items could include silver, crystal, marble, granite, leather, hardwood, silk, exotic fur, and more.

Housekeeping agency in London-The best of the best
Housekeeping agency in London-The best of the best

Housekeeping agency in London – Salaries and duties

Importantly, the housekeeper will usually follow a daily schedule. Moreover, she will understand the need for quartering or zoning a home. Similarly, she will know which rooms that must be detail-cleaned several times a month. Also, which ones may be detail-cleaned only once a month. As a result, she will ensure that the entire home is cleaned in the most efficient and effective manner. Also, they should also know what supplies, products, and equipment should be used.

Salary – A very experienced Housekeeper will normally earn around £15+ per hour gross or £35,000 to £60,000 year. Sometimes, a part time housekeeper charge a higher rte. Moreover, their benefits package may also include housing, automobile, insurance, and other rewards.

Other types of housekeepers from our agency:

1. Executive Housekeepers

  • The Estate or Executive Housekeeper may oversee other Housekeepers. Moreover, they have specialized knowledge in the cleaning of wealthy, fabulous homes. Also, they know how to organize their time and the time of others. Of course, an experienced Estate Housekeeper will be able to supervise and train others. Also to coordinate work schedules, and organize their and others’ time for the most effective, efficient cleaning. More often than not, they are of course completely trustworthy and able to complete any cleaning and caring task laid before them.
  • No homeowner needs to worry that their fine home furnishings and valuable home accessories will be damaged with an experienced and professional Housekeeper working for them. Impressively, they know how to care for fine linens, marble, crystal, silver, and other valuable materials. Moreover, they also constantly update their knowledge through periodic research. Thanks to this research, they know what products to us. Similarly, they are aware which products could destroy their employer’s possessions. Of course, not only will they know when an item needs specialized cleaning or repair by a professional, but they will know whom to call. In fact, they know the right tools and equipment for every job. As a result, the wealthy employer may have complete confidence in having them purchase the supplies and equipment needed for the home. Furthermore, they are also knowledgeable in caring for artwork. By the same token, they are often familiar with many types of conservation methods.
  • Salary – Estate Housekeepers’ salary may range from £40,000 to £65,000 a year.

2. Laundry Specialist Housekeeper

  • Interestingly, The Laundry Specialist knows how to care for any kind of clothing materials like linen, silk, rayon and other blends, wool, leather, suede, and fur. Also, they will be well-versed in stain removal and ironing settings. Moreover, they will know how to properly store and pack all clothing and accessories, and are experts in the use of all types of equipment.  Last but not least, they will be able to care for fine bed linens and table linens.
  • Of course, The Laundry Specialist may be employed by a family that wants their clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens cared for in the most artful and knowledgeable manner possible.
  • Impressively, they are capable of using both domestic and commercial laundering equipment. For example, pressing machines, and rotary irons. Uniquely, they can care for shoes, purses, and coats in addition to clothing. Of course, they know which clothes could be damaged by hanging and should be folded. They will be familiar will the different types of hangers and storage systems for clothing.
  • In fact, any rip, snag, or worn-through area will be no problem for the Laundry Specialist, as they will know how to repair anything. Alternatively, when to call a professional. Finally, they may even be able to monogram clothing or accessories.

Salary – Housekeepers who are responsibility for refined homes may be paid from £37,000 to £50,000 a year.

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