Laundry Maid training courses

Laundry Maid training courses

Want to work as a Laundry Maid or become better at laundry management?

First of all, we think you should book one of our Laundry Maid training courses UK today! Uniquely, our teachers travel to you or your place of work. Impressively, The British Butler Academy is offering exclusive Laundry Maid training courses UK as well as Housekeeper training courses. Uniquely, the 1-3 day training course will refresh and renew your laundry skills

Laundry Maid training courses UK-Learn all there is to know about fine clothing
Laundry Maid training courses UK-Learn all there is to know about fine clothing

Some topics covered in the laundry training courses

The subjects taught will include, but are not limited to:

  • First of all, understanding Personal Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Secondly, excelling as a Housekeeper, Laundry and Clothes Care
  • Thirdly, daily and weekly tasks
  • Time Management and Prioritising Work
  • Also, rotas
  • The Cost of Fine Garments
  • Moreover, drying Techniques training
  • Fabric Care training
  • Wardrobe Management training
  • Folding and Sorting Clothes
  • Finally, hand Washing Clothes trainingLaundry Maid training courses UK- Our housekeeper training is considered the best
  • Washing Silk training

Impressively, this unique course will include everything you need to know in order to advance your career and become a head housekeeper. Moreover, it will include aspects such as: how to look after antiques, care of fine fabrics and wardrobe organisation, maintaining house standards and how to keep a house diary and visitors log book. Of course, much more is also on offer.

A snap shot of what you will learn

  • Hands-on approach to understanding the effective and efficient method of deep cleaning within a Master Suite
  • Moreover, identifying the difference between daily and deep cleaning methods
  • Time management alongside attention to detail
  • Understanding and knowledge of different linen fabrics
  • How to handle a stain prior to laundry
  • Also, how to store and/or fold appropriately
  • How to make a bed from start to finish
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules for communal areas within a private household
  • Treating precious surfaces and soft furnishings
  • Finally, set up and preparation of specific areas

Eco Friendly Approach to Housekeeping

  • Incorporating eco-friendly cleaning products, reducing the use of plastics and chemicals
  • How to create your own effective products from natural ingredients
  • How to care for luxury items and surfaces with an eco-friendly approach

Housekeeping Administration and Management Training

  • Management and organisation within a Housekeeping Department
  • Basic admin procedures to run an efficient Housekeeping Department
  • The role of the Housekeeper and their expected duties

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