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Hire a live in maid with Bespoke Bureau housekeeper agency London. Households of all types, sizes, and income brackets hire housekeepers to keep their homes clean and looking great at all times. This is not a domestic staffing service reserved for just very wealthy individuals because many individuals and families want a clean home but don’t have time to keep up with all the chores.

Here is an overview of the housekeepers and their services, so you can make the best choice for your house cleaning needs.

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Live in Maid London

What Is a Live in maid?

Many housekeepers have their own residences and commute to their employers’ homes every day or every week or two for full-time or part-time work. However, you can take this employer-employee relationship to the next level by hiring a live-in housekeeper that can accommodate your needs even better and be on call when necessary.

Unlike live out housekeepers, Live-in housekeepers have their own separate living quarters in an employer’s home. For example, in a guesthouse, private bedroom, or attic apartment above the main house. Employers typically provide meals, transportation, bonuses, and other benefits to their live-in housekeepers when they exceed expectations and achieve performance goals.

Benefits of a Live in housekeeper

There are many benefits to hiring a live-in housekeeper versus hiring a housekeeper that lives outside the home. By having your housekeeper live in your home, you welcome her or him as an extended family member and can develop a more meaningful relationship with your employee. This leads to greater communication, trust, and respect between you and your domestic worker.

Live-in housekeepers are less likely to bring in germs that make you and your family sick because they live with you and not in another place that could be harboring bacteria and viruses. They also have the opportunity to get very familiar with your home, where everything is kept, and understand exactly how you like things to be cleaned.


Duties and Responsibilities

Live-in housekeepers can handle many different things for a homeowner, thereby relieving you from the burdens of household chores. They can:

  1. Dust surfaces
  2. Organize closets
  3. Vacuum floors
  4. Scrub toilets
  5. Wash interior fabrics when necessary.
  6. Most have superior laundry skills
  7. Maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen
  8. Care for your wardrobe
  9. Even assist with pet care.
  10. Some live-in housekeepers even have childcare experience and can provide nanny services when you are at work or traveling.
  11. The list goes on

Experience and Qualifications of a maid

Qualified housekeepers will have years of experience professionally cleaning homes and catering to the unique needs of families they work for. Many housekeepers have their high school diplomas and perhaps specialized certifications for further education. Beyond these formal qualifications, housekeepers that we work with at Bespoke Bureau have:

  1. Excellent references
  2. Background checks
  3. All the qualities you would want in someone taking care of your home. These include dependability, trustworthiness, attention to detail, good communication skills, discretion, efficiency. Last but not least, they have the knowledge about the best ways to clean pretty much everything in a home.

Why Use our Live-In Housekeeper Services?

If you are interested in finding a live-in housekeeper to help your family, we have a vast number of options for you. We offer temporary, part-time, full-time, live-out and live-in housekeepers. Bespoke Bureau is the name to know. We conduct expert housekeeper searches on your behalf to introduce you to the most qualified housekeepers in your area. Moreover, we give you peace of mind that you are making the best decision for your situation. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart at every step of the way. Through the search and hiring processes, and you can always contact us with questions or concerns.

We hope the above guide has helped you a bit towards making a sound decision. If you want help with your recruitment of a full time housekeeper, we are ready for you.

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