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Guardian Jan 2014

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Our owner Sara Vestin Rahmani Guardian. In the article Sara comments on the rich and their habits.

Quotes in the Guardian by Sara Vestin Rahmani

Feeling like a royal is part of the point of being wealthy. Sara Vestin Rahmani, owner of the Bespoke Bureau, an agency that supplies domestic staff, and herself an employer of servants, agrees that rich clients do become deskilled after years of being waited on. “Although,” she adds, “it wouldn’t be recognised as a problem unless they become poor … For example, I’m not a good driver, and I’ve opted to have somebody drive me so I would be safer. If I had to jump in the driver’s seat that would not be a good thing.”

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Why people need domestic staff

Certainly, when it comes to the menial business of the household, she finds little appetite for mucking in. “Definitely, often clients wouldn’t know how to operate their own washing machines and dishwashers. Also, they typically don’t know how to operate their own security systems,” she says. “You know who to call, be it your butler or your housekeeper or your PA, but you do become a bit of a child.”

And children, as we know, can be unreasonable. “Last week,” Vestin Rahmani says, “we had one of our Russian clients get rid of his chauffeur because the chauffeur wouldn’t speed him to the airport at 100 miles an hour.” I suppose that’s one nice thing about the secret service. Sara Vestin Rahmani adds that her agency does not approve of such behaviour. Instead, she wants the staff she places to be very well looked after and respected. Importantly, Sara’s agency runs strict controls on their clients, whereas many other agencies foes on only vetting the staff.

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