Training Company for Housekeepers

Training Company for Housekeepers

When looking for a Training Company for Housekeepers contact us in the first place, contact us: or +442032900142

Training Company for Housekeepers
Training Company for Housekeepers

Training Company for Housekeepers

We are a well-known London housekeepers training company. You can either come to our London training venue or we will come to you. Actually, our Etiquette Academy UK offers a range of Housekeeper training courses UK and elsewhere, which sure will match your needs. Uniquely, the program can either be taught in one go or in separate modules. Correspondingly, we tailor-make each housekeeper training course London suitable for its participants. In fact, we have developed a fail proof model to satisfy your needs.

Some example Modules

Housekeeping Training Provider Bespoke Bureau
Housekeeping Training Provider Bespoke Bureau
  • Housekeeping excellence.
  • Standards.
  • Cleaning tools.
  • Cleaning methods.
  • Interior excellence.
  • Finishing touches.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Laundry management.
  • Wardrobe management.
  • Garment care.
  • Ironing and steaming.
  • Keeping rotas.
  • Check lists.
  • Much much more

Summary of Training options

On the whole, we put together packages of the length most suitable for your specific needs. We will most likely uniquely deliver the course at your own venue. However, you can send your staff to us in London. Moreover, your needs can be decided by you or we can help consult with you, to put together a great package. Additionally, you choose how long or short you want the course to be.

Excel in the field with our training

Usually, we train housekeepers with some previous experience. However, we are equally happy to train beginners. Regardless of the level, we conduct our training using methods which include everything it takes for the students to become great. Identically, we see to the needs of each student and work with them individually.

Training Company for Housekeepers – Who can book?

Our Housekeeper training is considered the best
  1. First of all, our clientage consist of the world’s best run 5 star hotels and HNW people. Moreover, most of the training we do is for Hotels wanting to up their game.
  2. Secondly, we conduct training in private homes that use housekeepers.
  3. Thirdly, we are instructed by luxury retailers from around the world to train their housekeeping staff. As a result, they learn to create an appealing interior and hygienic environment for their elite clients
  4. Anyone wanting to gain a housekeeping certification
  5. Last but not least, we train private people wishing to work as housekeepers or excel in their jobs.

As seen above, our training program housekeepers is extensive and we are certain that you will not end up disappointed if you book. Finally, we would love to hear from you so please contact us: or call +442032900142

Watch a video from our Training Company for Housekeepers Operations here and see our training for housekeepers London video below.

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