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In fact, we run monthly online baby nurse training so call +442032900142 or to book. Uniquely, our teacher travels to you to conduct the maternity nurse training if you are a group. Otherwise, you can do training by video conference call.

baby nurse training

Baby nurse training – for who?

First of all, do you love babies? Secondly, are you in childcare? Thirdly, have you worked for privates families before? Or have you had your own babies? Perhaps you are looking to re-train? If you said yes on any of the above questions, then this training might be for you. Interestingly, our maternity nurses training is flexible and suits the independent person.

Peek-a-Boo is the sister agency of Bespoke Bureau. Impressively, we are the only nanny agency in the UK that offers this kind of training. Also, our courses are well known. Of course, they are accredited. Also, they are taught by the best teachers in the UK.

Baby nurse training – why?

Calling all nannies wanting to gain or refresh their Maternity and Baby Skills. Welcome to the Baby nurse training London. Impressively, the popular Maternity nurses training courses will make you qualified with the MBA (Maternity and Baby Academy).

Course details

Uniquely, our highly respected Maternity nurse training courses provides a qualification in baby care and Maternity Nursing. In fact, the course covers all aspects of the Maternity Nurses role. Actually, you can pick 1-4 modules of your choice or complete all 4 of them to gain the prestigious MBA Award.

What is a maternity nurse?

Interestingly, a maternity nurse is a private child carer who cares for newborn babies and their mothers. Also, they are trained and/or experienced in getting your new born baby into a routine. They work on helping the baby with feeding, sleep, general care and much more. Obviously, the maternity nurse offers great care for the mother. Uniquely, she is there as a support mechanism. For people that can afford a maternity nurse, she is considered a real benefit to have.Maternity nurses training

Why Baby nurse training?

Needless to say, our courses are accredited and the school is recognised as one of the best in the world. Actually, the school is known to produce some of the best maternity nurses in this industry. Moreover, our trainers are both experienced and wonderful teachers. They engage with the students and make sure that the learning is a fun experience.

Benefits of the Baby nurse training

Needless to say, you will stand out with our certificates, references and award. Of course, you will be able to get higher paid jobs. Also, you will seem more attractive for maternity nurse jobs. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to get to know the trainer and us at the agency better. We will be able to place you in more jobs by working closely together with you.

Trainers at the Maternity nurses training courses London

Impressively, our trainers are selected because of their unique maternity nurse experience. Of course, they have worked in private households extensively. Amazingly enough, our head trainer has a fantastic reputation. In fact, everyone who takes the course enjoys her approach. You can rest assured that if she delivers your training, it will be based on “real life” experience. Last but not least, the training will be fun and interesting.

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