Courses Silver Service

Of course, our Courses Silver Service offered at The British Butler Academy are a good way to improve your employability and to earn higher wages. In fact, our courses in Silver Service are popular amongst Yacht Crew as well as other Elite service providers. Because of this. we offer courses to fit your season with peaks when we know you are off duty and preparing for your next season.

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Courses Silver Service

Are you looking to Find Courses Silver Service?

Yacht service training
Yacht service training

Look no further. Courses Silver Service options can be hard to find. Therefore, we offer courses all year around. Uniquely, our teachers travel to your home or work place to carry out the training. Sometimes, we can offer phone conference training.

We teach:

  • Of course, Silver service excellence
  • V VIP service language
  • Service Etiquette
  • Also, Table management
  • Butler service
  • Importantly, napkin folding
  • Champagne service
  • Canapes service
  • VIP service
  • Drink excellence
  • Much much more

Why courses silver service?

Obviously, if you want to work in the luxury industry you need to be prepared in order to maintain a high standard of service. Importantly, to provide a quality service you must know how to properly lay the table, how to dress it up for your guests, which table cloth shall you use, which glassware and dining ware will go well with it, accessories. Importantly, you need to make sure that everything is perfectly elegant.

Whether you are thinking of working in a Villa, luxury Hotel, Resort, Megayacht or just because you need to handle yourself properly among the Elite. Also, you need to be confident on your knowledge regarding Silver Service and Protocol.

Some topics that we cover:

  • First of all, what are the correct measurements for a tablecloth?
  • Secondly, which napkins should I use? What size? Where do I put them?
  • Thirdly, what do we mean by “Guest Preference”?
  • Also, how I register and manage the information?
  • How to elaborate a proper inventory and checklist?
  • Finally, how to behave in front of my guests?

Of course, there is a huge amount of information and knowledge, that we must gather in order to work in the luxury industry. Furthermore, this must come natural to us on a daily basis when we are working.

In fact, the subjects of this course are very extensive. However, we have condensed this information so you can learn the basics of Silver Service and start working in the luxury industry. Impressively, this course will help you to open a door to this elite world.

How to find Courses Silver Service that doesn’t cost too much:

Find Silver Service training course
Find Silver Service training course

Sadly, these type of courses often cost a lot. Therefore, we try to keep our prices down so that you can excel in your job as a steward or stewardess.

In fact, we only charge 500GBP plus VAT per day for individual training.

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