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Our House Management courses London run all year around as our teachers travel to you. Contact us for prices +442032900142 or

Uniquely, our House management courses London are intense, challenging, thorough but fun! Learn the skills of a contemporary butler and the tools to work as an effective team member as you study alongside your fellow students in individual and group activities.House Management training course

What are the House Management courses London about?

Actually, when on our House Management training, you will be taught what it is like working as a Butler or House Manager on an estate. Interestingly, we teach all relevant topics. Needless to say, you will be able to learn alot.

Certification on the House Management training course

Upon successful completion of the Residential Butler, Steward/Stewardess and House management training course you will be awarded with a Certificate. Needless to say, a qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler Academy is sure to propel you in your current career and put you ahead of others in your profession.

Interestingly, our previous Course students have a very high success rate in finding Butler and House management employment upon successful completion of the course. Moreover, those that were already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage.

Some sample modules:

  1. First of all, The Role of the Butler, Housekeeper and House Manager
  2. Secondly, Greeting Guests
  3. Thirdly, General House Etiquette
  4. Also, Personal Hygiene and Dress Code
  5. Importantly, Employer Expectations/ Professionalism
  6. Interestingly, Cultural Difference and Communication
  7. Also, House Rules
  8. Moreover, House Security/Alarms
  9. Shopping and Deliveries
  10. Also, Tools and Supplies
  11. Stock Keeping and Inventory
  12. Finally, Keeping a Log Book

Will I find a job after the training?

Sometimes, we are able to place most students in a good role. However, we cannot promise that we will do. It may be down to you how engaged you are with the trainer, the modules and the other students. It may also be down to how many clients we have looking for graduates.

Who can book the house management training course?

In fact, anyone wanting to enter the field of house management or butling can book. Actually, our teachers travel to your home or place of work.

  • Five-star hotels and resorts turn to us for staff training, consultancy and recruitment and send their staff to our residential courses.
  • Butlers, Stewards, Stewardesses, House managers, Estate Managers, Housekeepers, Hotel staff, Former PAs, Service minded people wishing to become butlers
  • Normal people with a service mind who wish to become qualified Butlers
  • Anyone in the service industry who wishes to excel and become one of the best Butlers in the world

If you are interested in enrolling, you need to be quick. Please call or email with any queries or just to find out what the course is all about.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.

Can you find me a job after I attend one of your House management courses?

Impressively, we can sometimes place good students in jobs when we can. Needless to say, we are a London based butler recruitment agency. Obviously, we have clients all over the world looking for butlers from us.

Finally, for more information on the British Butler and house management training course, please contact one of the Bespoke team on +442032900142 or

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