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House Managers UK for hire

First of all, we obviously offer a section of top House Managers UK for hire. Importantly, no job is ever too large or small for us and we are able to help all households recruiting across the UK. We also source house managers and estate managers for homes overseas. Contact the domestic staff agency us on +442032900142 or for more information.

What is a house manager?

Uniquely, a house manager is responsible for handling the daily operations of a house and responding to the home owner’s needs. Interestingly, house Managers typically supervise and manage things happening daily around the home. Also, a house manager is a person who is in charge of your private home. Actually, some people get them mixed up with butlers. Having said that, the two professions’ duties often overlap. Either way, the role has changed dramatically over the years. Below, we highlight some differences.

The role of a Butler

  • First of all, formal table service.
  • Secondly, service of drinks.
  • Thirdly, valeting.
  • Moreover, care of the wine cellar.
  • Furthermore, cleaning of silver.
  • Also, care of fine antiques and art.
  • Sometimes supervising other staff.
  • Of course, general management of the home.
    Sara Vestin Rahmani and house manager
    Sara Vestin Rahmani and house manager

Modern House Managers UK may perform:

  • Needless to say, house management.
  • Also, housekeeping management.
  • Often driving.
  • Sometimes cooking.
  • Of course, staff management.
  • Also, renovations projects.
  • Interestingly, very often PA work.

Modern House Managers UK for hire

Needless to say, our agency offers the best Modern Household Managers UK around. More than anything, they need to be multitasking and resourceful. Importantly, our clients want for hands-on individuals and thus, we cater for this. Furthermore, our clients prefer house and estate managers who are not particular about their duties. Instead, they appreciate it when a House Manager is happy to multi task. For example, he or she may act as Chauffeur, Personal Assistant and Events Organiser. Noteworthy is that in the countryside, the Butler or house manager may need to posses even further skills. Strangely, some are expected to have to to gain knowledge with shoots and care of guns. Appreciated is also the ability to organise a shooting weekend.

Our house managers UK are the best
Our house managers UK are the best

Of course, household Managers often need to be highly computer literate as they do PA duties. Funnily enough, they are sometimes asked to speak a second language. Also, flexibility is needed and the house manager may need to travel with their employers and run multiple homes.

How much does a House manager cost?

As you can see above, you may be asking for a tall order. As a result, entry level House Managers UK will start at £40K per year whereas experienced staff will want £45k and up to £70-80k in the UK. Sometimes even more. Surprisingly, overseas they may require £80k and more. So needless to say, you pay for luxury, expertise and finesse. As well as flexibility and total home bliss.

Will my House manager be trained?

More importantly is that you hire someone experienced. Having said that, our agency runs one of the world’s most famous butler and house manager school.

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