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First of all, we would love to hear from you so call us today: +442032900142 or via for our popular Housekeeper training courses. We do housekeeper training like nobody else.Private Housekeeper courses London – Join The Elite.Housekeeper training course

Uniquely, Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy run specialist Housekeeper training courses. Moreover, we travel to you to carry out the training at your home or place of work.

Private Housekeeper courses London with us

Impressively, whether you are based in London or elsewhere, we will come to you. Needless to say, our exclusive Housekeeper training courses have become very popular with households. Those who want their housekeepers to be the best, book our training. In fact, we run 3-5 day training courses that will teach your housekeeper basic or advanced skills. Of course, we also run courses in all other types of housekeeping. Both long and short courses are on offer. Last but not least, we offer private or group training.

Housekeeper training courses – a must?

Of course, training in housekeeping is not a must. However, it is very useful for all individuals interested in advancing their housekeeping skillset. Cleaning a house doesn’t just involve doing the rudimentary dusting and wiping. It entails a clear understanding of objects and surfaces and knowing exactly what products work best on which surfaces. It also means being an excellent organizer and having great attention to detail.  When housekeepers make the effort to get further education, they are confident and are equipped to work in all types of homes and estates.Housekeeper training

Some example modules on our housekeeper training courses:

We have some 20+ standard modules for you to choose from when booking a housekeeper training course with us. However, you can also just tell us what your unique needs are, and we will deliver a course tailored to those exact needs.

Here are some sample modules Each module has some 10 elements to it. Also, when booking, you will be provided with a PDF handbook with each corresponding module in text.

  1. Module 1 – Introduction – The private home
  2. Module 4 – Housekeeping Tools & Supplies
  3. Module 6 – Different floorings
  4. Module 8 – Rooms & Areas of the private home
  5. Module 10 – Special cleaning & care
  6. Module 12 – The safe and healthy housekeeper
  7. Module 13 – Finishing touches
  8. Module 15 – Mastering the art of laundry
  9. Module 16 – Wardrobe Management

We will Tailor-make your ideal course

On the whole, as our name Bespoke Bureau suggests, we are a bespoke company. This means that we put together packages of the style and length most suitable for your specific needs. We uniquely deliver the training course at your own venue. Moreover, the course content can be decided by you or we can help. Additionally, you choose how long or short you want the course to be.

Advanced housekeeping courses

For those who want to advance from a Staff Housekeeper to an Executive Housekeeper, there is a pathway through online housekeeping training courses. While you are working in one area of your career, you can be learning how to advance your skills so that you can be promoted to the next level.  Executive Housekeeping Training teaches you how to create schedules for the housekeeping team, zone the household giving staff members separate responsibilities, control household inventory while learning advanced methodology for cleaning and how to fully manage your staff. You will learn how to be a leader of your team and guide them through all phases of the job.

An Executive Housekeeper is involved in everything from choosing the right housekeeping team to training them on site.  Trained Executive Housekeepers learn to ensure the house runs smoothly and that their staff housekeepers are guided every step of the way with daily operations, weekly checklists. It is important to know which rooms need to be deep cleaned versus light cleaned and how often per week each type of cleaning occurs. Staff housekeepers are supervised by their Executive Housekeeper to understand surface descriptions and ways to care for these properly. An Executive Housekeeper is the highest paid for a reason and it is all based on experience and training.

How the Housekeeper training works

Actually, during the program, students have some theoretical training but mainly hands on training. Moreover, we think it is important to teach you the skills of a first class housekeeper. Of course, this is done by working and practising in small groups in a real life luxury setting.  In fact, about 70% of the training is role play.

What certificate will I gain?

All our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate. You get the option to become accredited with us. Our certificates are recognised globally. At our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done well.

How to book the Housekeeper Training Course

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