Housekeeper Training Manual

We have just released our Housekeeper Training Manual for sale on the open market. Get your copy now to improve your household’s practices. Contact the housekeeper agency for more information: Phone: +442032900142. Or email:

Just now, we have decided to publish our extensive housekeeper training manual for the public to purchase. This is the 3rd edition of the handbook. Needless to say, the book contains a great deal of knowledge from the industry’s experts – us!

The price: 149GBP plus VAT!

Housekeeper training manual


Who can buy the housekeeper training manual?

  • Housekeepers in private homes.
  • Housekeepers in hotels or any other setting.
  • Those hiring housekeepers.
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of housekeeping.

What does the housekeeper handbook entail?

Our housekeeper training manual contains a world of information for those wanting to gain skills in housekeeping. It is also useful for those already working in the industry wanting to up their skills or game.

 The housekeeper training modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Professional housekeeper
  3. Systematic Housekeeping
  4. Housekeeping Tools & Supplies
  5. Housekeeping techniques
  6. Different floorings
  7. Cleaning Fixed Interiors
  8. Rooms & Areas of the private home
  9. Exterior Care & Maintenance
  10. Special cleaning & care
  11. Polish perfection
  12. The safe and healthy housekeeper
  13. Finishing touches
  14. The VIP home
  15. Mastering the art of laundry
  16. Wardrobe Management
  17. The Elite Housekeeper
  18. Napkin folding & Flower Arranging
  19. Hotel Housekeeping

Why purchase our housekeeper handbook?

Obviously, we are are industry leaders in housekeepers and housekeeper training. Our courses are renowned worldwide and our expert teachers are considered best int he world. Our housekeeper handbook is a complement to our housekeeper training. However, it can be used on it’s own as a guide to anyone wanting to learn the basics or more advanced skills in housekeeping. In fact, it can be used as a household manual on it’s own. Whatever your reason might be, this book is sure to gain you an insight into the world of housekeeping.

Finally, to purchase the book:

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