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Are you looking for a Staff Recruitment Agency? Then look no further. For sure, Bespoke Bureau will sort you out. Call us on +442032900142 for more information or you can email us on:

Who are we at the Staff Recruitment Agency?

Established in the early 2000’s, Bespoke Recruitment has quickly become a leading staff recruitment agency for private households. Impressively, we specialize in the supply of top industry professionals into the domestic staff market.

Needless to say, we are a dedicated in-house recruitment team working on placing all sorts of staff in private homes and hotels across the globe. Of course, Bespoke Recruitment has both the ability and expertise to offer temporary and permanent staff within every type of private home or hotel.

The staff recruitment agency with the best staff

Staff Recruitment Agency
Staff Recruitment Agency

Obviously, our Staff Recruitment Agency has the required efficiency to serve your requirement for trained and experienced home staff. Of course, our staff are able to service you and your family just the way you want. Moreover, they handle their jobs with great commitment and a lot of attention and care. Interestingly, whether you are looking for a top nanny or a new housekeeper, we can help. Of course, we furnish your specific requirement for certain staff positions with full loyalty to you. Fortified by long-standing strategic planning and relationships with prominent people in the domestic staff industry, we are a top notch staff recruitment agency.

The need for top household staff

Of course, for you who’s in need of skilled household staff, quality is not your requirement but a necessity. Moreover, our clients are looking for experienced staff who has worked in similar roles to their own. Also, they want candidates with top references. As a result, our staff recruitment agency has developed an impressive pool of staff for you. Obviously, we have great staff available all year around.

Our staff recruitment agency and what staff we have on offer:

Needless to say, our staff database is really what makes our establishment stand out from the crowd. As we have the access to a huge database of relevant talent, we can provide staff for even the most discerning of clients:

We have experienced and qualified staff such as:

  • First of all, our amazing Nannies
  • Secondly, our refined Butlers
  • Thirdly, Housekeepers and laundresses
  • Moreover, House managers
  • Furthermore, Chefs
  • Also, Domestic staff
  • Finally, all other types Domestic staff

Why people tend to choose us?

Impressively, Bespoke Bureau age experts in the recruitment of household staff. Famously, we are known to deliver the best private service there is. You can trust that we will do a good job for you. Of course, we only ever register candidates whom are recommended to us. Always keeping in mind the factor about discipline, characters with passionate about work, communication skills, and many others factors. Only if they pass this process will we make them part of our team. We truly and deeply understand the amount of effort required to hire the right household staff.

Domestic staff agency reviews
Domestic staff agency reviews

Our recruitment consultants

Needless to say, we are exceptionally good at finding the right staff for our clients. Of course, when signing up with us, you will get your own consultant and org great experience and skills. He or she is part of a top dedicated team of recruiters that all have the knack to tap on the correct candidate for you. Last but not least, our credibility lies in the fact that we aim to provide aptly skilled staff of the highest order to all kinds of VIP households across the globe.

Guidelines for hiring the best staff

Needless to say, finding and retaining trustworthy, loyal and efficient individuals to staff your private home, hotel, palace, yacht or estate can be a real challenge. Of course, private service positions demand extreme flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills and a working knowledge of any and all aspects of caring for refined properties. Anticipating you and your family’s needs and the on-going care requirements of a beautiful property is, of course, the goal. Obviously, that is where a staff placement agency like Bespoke Bureau can come in handy.

Amanda Holden

MD / Goldman-Sachs

We have used Bespoke Bureau for the recruitment of housekeepers for the past 9 years and are over the moon happy with the service and the high calibre staff they have provided us. Big recommendations. Big thanks!

Mrs Fede


I have used this agency since I had my first baby and they supplied me with an outstanding maternity nurse. We still use them for nannies some 7 years later but also hire housekeepers from them on an ‘as needed’ basis. You can’t go wrong with Bespoke Bureau!

M Givancy


Dear Sir, Thank you kindly for your graceful and swift assistance in finding us Elena, the best housekeeper we have ever had. Best Wishes, M Givancy

Fiona Mallen

Property investor

The best staff agency in London.They have professional household staff for homes in the country as well as in central London. Me and all my friends use them for their fantastic housekeepers, experiended nannies, cheap au pair couples and our staff for dinner parties we have. Recommend this staff agency.

Linda M Lullingstone

Home Maker

I was recommended to Bespoke Bureau via a good friend who has used them for ages. It was my first time of using a staffing agency in London. The team came to my house and sat down for 3 hrs and drafted a plan and then started searching for my ideal home staff. 6 weeks later we were sorted with the best housekeepers in London the best Nannies in London(we have 3) and also a chef, a driver and a house manager. The registration fee is a bit steep BUT we did get a free 3 hour consultancy session and then a 20 percent discount as we hired a group of ppl. They are well worth the money for peace of mind. We are very happy. Thank to all the team

Amanda Collins

Hedge Funder

Superb superb superb!!!! Sara sorted out the best housekeeper in London for me as well as offering me a great rate for future domestic staff that we hire. I’m very pleased.

Henrietta Kantaginy and family

Wealth Management

A wonderfully Bespoke Service that does exactly what it says, tailor makes your life. We hire our domestic staff with the Best Staff Agency in London. They also do our staff payroll services and sort out all our staff contracts. Use them, you’ll be pleased. Best Wishes

D. A

Managing Director / Morgan Stanley

Bespoke Bureau is an unrivalled VIP Domestic Staff agency. They cut out the people you don’t want to hire and present you with a portfolio of amazing domestic staff to choose from. Very impressed! Thanks.

Mrs Otter


The Bespoke team found me an amazing nanny and a top Filipina housekeeper for my busy household in Chelsea. I am really thrilled that I have found this fantastic domestic staff agency as I wasn’t best pleased with the last one that I used.

Camilla Wargrave

This is a unique agency that treats its customers and staff with great respect and integrity. Excellent service delivery by the team. Every member of staff is approachable and forthcoming. We have hired housekeepers from them since 2010. The agency makes the effort to look into the well-being of the staff when with us and provides adequate support to ensure that the employer & housekeeper relationship has a good head start and that the employer’s expectations are duly met. I know that I can rely on the agency to provide assistance throughout the contract period and that they will put in every effort to ensure that both me & my housekeepers are one of their many many HAPPY Customers :)Thank You

Greg Patrick

Founder / Experientiality

Dear Simon,

I wanted to take this moment to tell you how pleased I was with the way that you handled our client family. I thought that you did a fantastic job, using good common sense at all times needed, made changes as needed (same ones I would have expected with your talent to make), not to mention, handling yourself with exceptional professionalism. You reported regularly with the updates I needed to allow me to “let go” knowing that they were in good hands at all times.

I shall copy Sara on this email – we’d be delighted to have you back in the future via Sara’s agency for trips the world over.

It was an honor to work with you.

Valuable tips to find and maintain the highest caliber employee(s) possible to staff your home:

  1. Needless to say, micro-management by an employer is the number one reason household staff members quit their positions. Of course, this is closely followed by excessive over-time work hours (on a continual basis). Essentially, you must be satisfied with the work of your employees. However, there is sometimes a fine line between checking on them and chiding them. Also, remember that your employee(s) have chosen to enter the service profession and they do want to deliver for you.
  2. If you are providing quarters (and it is customary to do so in this profession), ensure that they are clean and in good repair. Sort these aspects out prior to your new employee(s) arrival and move-in. Importantly, if you are employing a couple, they are unlikely to remain happy long-term in  inadequate accommodations, such as a small bedroom. While we obviously screen our domestic couples for a high-level of compatibility and the ability to work well, any couple needs space and privacy to work at their best.

    More tips

  3. Clarify. Issue written instructions and/or spend the time with your new employee(s) and communicate your specific needs and preferences. For example, you should describe your culinary likes and dislikes, wardrobe care, preferred order of tasks an so on. Importantly, you should do this and show them your routines prior to their assumption of duties. Needless to say, its worth putting in the time in the beginning of the employment. As a result, you will be much happier. Also, be very clear about your strongest likes or dislikes. Another tip: If your home or estate does not have a manual of operation and procedures, consider allowing your new employee(s) or us as an agency to create you one. Needless to say, such a guide can be an invaluable tool in the care of your residence. It should include information regarding your personal needs and preferences as well as those of other family members and regular guests. It should also outline routine care and functional operation of each and every component of your residence and grounds.
  4. While domestic professionals pride themselves on their adaptability and flexibility, it is still important to notify your staff of changes in schedules. Moreover, you should do this as soon as possible. This will help insure that any changes can be incorporated smoothly while maintaining a high-level of comfort for you family.
    Tips 5-7
  5. Importantly, please insure that the proper equipment is in place for your employee to efficiently do the work you require. Items such as a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner can make a big difference in both results and time effectiveness. Also, some tasks, such as cleaning  oversized windows are better hired out to a vendor to do the job correctly and safely.
  6. It can be very tempting to load on the hours during busy periods without giving additional pay and very easy to forget to provide compensatory time-off later, when things slow down. In a word: Don’t. Anything over 48 hours per week should be acknowledged and compensated. This should be with either a bonus or extra time off.  Salary should always reflect compensation for a 40 plus hour week to be in compliance with the law. End of the year bonuses, insurance coverage, benefits such as cars etc can really encourage a lasting employer/employee relationship. Yearly paid vacations should allow for 4 weeks of rest.
  7. Maintain a productive working relationship with your domestic employees through regularly scheduled staff meetings. You may think you are communicating sufficiently by providing them with regular instructions and feedback. However, they also need a time to share their concerns and suggestions with YOU. Therefore, it is important you schedule times to listen to them.


  8. Remember that domestic service is a REAL CAREER and it must be respected as such. Paying staff members ‘Under the table,’ is a thing of the past. Obviously, you must provide full benefits and incentives is as important in this profession as it is to any other. Importantly, household employees are directly involved in helping you maintain a comfortable and gracious estate lifestyle. If personal loyalty, a willingness to go the ‘extra mile’  are qualities you seek in your domestic staff, providing a competitive benefit package is a good idea.
  9. Remember too that no one is exempt from the occasional bad day. A good working relationship between household staff and employer, like any professional relationship, requires occasional sensitivity and tact on everyone’s part. Counting to ten, walking away or simply cutting an employee a bit of slack when they are having a difficult time, can do much toward maintaining a harmonious, productive and long-term employer/staff relationship.
  10. Occasionally, ask yourself if the work load, and the amount of time allowed to complete expected duties continue to be realistic, or have changes in your residence, family or lifestyle pushed the limits of your current staffing level? If so, it may be time to consider additional staffing. We will help you with all your needs.

Best Regards,


Our founder, Sara Vestin Rahmani in the residential training mansion
Our founder, Sara Vestin Rahmani in the residential training mansion

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