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Silver service course London

Uniquely, we train new and existing staff to be the best of the best at our silver service course London. Call us today on: +442032900142 or

Silver service course London

Background silver service:

Interestingly, many people really enjoy the sense of history that comes with Silver Service dining. Needless to say, in the right setting it can really add style to an event or function. Actually, silver service waiting originates from the manors and fine houses of the British middle and upper classes of centuries gone by. Referred to by the French as ‘English Service’ or ‘Service Anglais’ silver service actually describes the process of serving diners from a ‘silver’ service dish to the diners plate, rather than the more common practice of serving the plate to the diner.

What makes our silver service course London special?

  • First of all, we always travel to you.
  • Of course, our trainers are the best in the UK. In fact, our head silver service trainer has 40 years in V VIP events, Banquets, Fine dining etc.
  • Silver Service Training with us will teach your staff the techniques and etiquette to enable them to provide the best possible service to your customers.
  • We practice table management with an Elite touch.
  • Finally, service with 6 star is what you will learn.


Interestingly, with our silver service training you will learn a combination of theory and practice service in:

  • Of course, silver service
  • Silver service excellence
  • History of silver service
  • Also, table management
  • Elite service
  • Importantly, finishing touches
  • Moreover, banquette training
  • VIP hygiene and professionalism
  • Obviously, elite celebrity service
  • Much much more

Also, the silver service waiter or waitress must be well acquainted with the appropriate etiquette and technique. Therefore, we put a lot of focus on this aspect.

What is silver service?

  1. First of all, silver service food is always served from the left, drinks and plated meals from the right.
  2. Secondly, meals are served to the diner from platters, not plated in the kitchen.
  3. Thirdly, the guest to the host’s right is served first. (Usually a female guest)
  4. Service continues clockwise.
  5. Importantly, plates are cleared from the right, glasses from the right; again starting with the guest to the host’s right.
  6. Last but not least, glasses are stacked in a diagonal to the right and away, with wine (by course) in order, and then lastly, water glass in front.

To summarise, our courses in silver service are about:

  • Of course, motivating service staff with their new found skills
  • Also, consistency, continuous improvement and perfection
  • Moreover, 5 star Silver service training
  • Last but not least, learn perfection in table management

Real life training:

  • First of all, we offer individual training where you can excel fast.
  • Secondly, you can book with your crew or with a friend. Indeed, small groups make the training easier.
  • Thirdly, we offer practical curriculums that are easy to understand.
  • Last but not least, become the best in the industry.

History of Silver Service

Silver Service has been around for hundreds of years. However, you may not have experienced silver service dining, unless you have eaten at very high end restaurants, stayed in the best hotels or worked in wealthy homes. Silver Service has always been admired. Also, it originates from the 17th and 18th century in upper class Britain. Moreover, it has set the bar for dining across the globe.

Service from the left

Interestingly, silver service is a method of food service that is performed from the left side. The guest right of the host or principal is served first. Interestingly, often a female. The reason is because as they are typically the most prominent guest of the principal. Then the service continues clockwise. Also, plates and glasses are cleared from the right.

So, with silver service you stand behind the guest to their left side, holding the supporting silverware with your left hand and serving the food with your right hand. This technique requires a great deal of practice and dexterity.

The host forms part of the service

Traditionally the main course at a formal dinner is roast beef, fowl or game. Significantly, this will often be served on a platter which is traditionally presented to the host for them to inspect. Moreover, they will indicate if they are happy for service to commence. On the contrary, in a hotel or restaurant, these are not presented to the host as the maitre’d will do the inspection before food service begins.

Some topics we cover include:

  1. How to deal with glasswear on the table for the duration of the meal

  2. Serving vegetables

  3. Deserts and chocolates or glaceed fruits

  4. The art of clearing the table before pudding is served

  5. Crumbing the table.

Some Silver Service Training Tips:

  1. Make eye contact if culturally appropriate.

  2. Smile.

  3. Always be well presented.

  4. Offer help with coats.

  5. Be patient and allow guests to enter and sit down

  6. Be discreet and professional and don’t get over excited by a celebrity

  7. If a guest offers you their hand to shake, you should always do so. If you are wearing gloves you should remove it and shake their hand. As a general rule, never offer your hand first.

  8. Pay attention, if you see a guest needs additional help, always offer to assist.

  9. Let the service flow. Make your greetings natural and respectful, and don’t force interactions.

  10. Read non verbal signals. If a guest is angry, upset or nervous, try and ensure they are relaxed by offering a professional service.

  11. When guests leave, smile and thank them and help them with their coats and outerwear.

  12. Offer to escort guests to their waiting vehicle if appropriate

  13. If there has been a problem, take a record of it and follow the establishments protocol.

Certificate to further your career

Of course, many restaurants are looking for staff that can effortlessly flow between casual and formal dining areas and beyond. Also, always offering the level of service that builds repeat customers. Importantly, our courses are designed with this simple goal in mind.

When you complete the course, you will be awarded with a certificate that will outline exactly what you have learnt which will be invaluable for gaining employment in the future.

Kind regards,

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